Three Army Swimmers Save Man’s Life in Hudson River Heroics

Kelsey Zimcosky is SwimSwam’s newest team member. Her previous experience in “the biz” is as a copyeditor for USA Swimming’s Splash Magazine. She’s currently a student at Wheeling Jesuit University.

When you enter West Point Academy, you know that you will be getting trained for a lifetime of service towards others. For three class of 2016 Cadets and members of the varsity swim team, this training was put to the test early on.

On Wednesday night, around 9:45 pm, cadets Sam Mo, Daniel Bleyl, and Pierre Archambeau were hanging out by the Hudson River when they heard cries for help in the darkness. Their training came as second nature as Mo and Bleyl dove into the water, swimming 300-400 yards until they came across two kayakers. The kayakers’ boats were overturned, they lacked life-jackets, and they were hypothermic.  Archambeau rushed to notify emergency services as Mo and Bleyl tread water with the kayakers for approximately 20 minutes, calming them and helping them as well as they could.

(From Left: Mo, Archambeau, Bleyl)

(From Left: Mo, Archambeau, Bleyl)

A powerboat, operated by Pete Hanlon, the Crew Club officer in charge, along with Cpt. David Lai, an assistant coach, helped them to safety on shore.

When asked about what happened, head coach Mickey Wender said that he is not surprised by his Cadets’ actions.  “I am very proud of what they did,” Wender stated.  “I’m proud that they did what they’ve been trained to do.  They have been preparing to lead a life of service towards others, and they have done a great job.”

Mo, Bleyl, and Archambeau were later awarded coin from the USMA Superintendent for their act of “outstanding selfless service.”

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Kelley Zimcosky

Just another example of the great things our military cadets do and will do in the future. So proud.


Congratulations guys !

Just 2 days ago on the 1500 breastroke thread I posted that top military demands particular swimming skills – in preparation for all outcomes.

I thought about deleting it but then I thought not enough people give credit to military training .

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