Think you know Ian Thorpe? Watch this video and learn a lot more

This swimming video profile is long, but worth watching to dive deep on Ian Thorpe history, hearing it from the man himself.

Some highlights:

Ian Thorpe may never swim again after his shoulder replacement surgery.

Was he a good student? Was he artistic? Apparently he was a great student.

Learn about his parents, and how they raised him. More importantly listen to Ian’s philosophy on the role of swim parents…what they should and should not do.

Ian wants a family. What kind of dad does Ian think he’ll be?

Does Ian want his kids to be a swimmers?

Does Ian think he grew up too quickly?

Does Ian miss the rush of competition? Does he still want it?

Meet Ian’s boxing coach.

If you’re a swim fan, just watch the video. You’ll appreciate it and learn more about a great swimming champion.

You can follow Ian Thorpe on Twitter here. 

You can like Ian Thorpe on Faebook here. 


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M Palota
7 years ago

I’ve never seen him talk about but he was on the top of the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001. He was doing a photoshoot up there and got off the building about an hour before the first plane hit.

I’ve always wondered if that played a role in his retirement.

Regardless, good luck to him in all his future endeavours. He seems like a good guy.

7 years ago

I also wonder if the boxing helped wear out/destroy his shoulder.

7 years ago

What a sweet, humble man. So glad I got to see him swim. His stroke had the grace of a thoroughbred or a cheetah. He got gipped by having his record broken in the rubber suit era.

7 years ago

He had , at least for me , the best freestyle stroke i have ever seen . I surely miss watching him racing , surfing his own wave like a dolphin .

7 years ago

Always loved him!

Lane Four
7 years ago

It is still difficult to think that he, in all likelihood, left some very very good years of swimming in the minds and imaginations of swimming fans around the world. I agree with Coco. We still miss this watery genius and his BEAUTIFUL freestyle and devastatingly powerful kick. All our best to you, Ian.

7 years ago

Thanks for sharing Ian – we miss watching you swim.

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