The Main Set: Michael Phelps With Ricky Berens

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This weeks episode is all about the one and only, the greatest of all time, the most decorated Olympian ever: Michael Phelps. Mitch and Loretta will go into depth about Phelps’ comeback before speaking to one of his old Olympic teammates.

After a thorough discussion (including talk of world records and the 200 back) Mitch and Loretta are joined by Ricky Berens. Berens talks everything from his new work to Texas Swimming and even includes his favorite Eddie Reese joke.

Mitch Bowmile comes at you from Toronto, Ontario, Canada while Loretta Race resides in northern Kentucky in the good ole U S of A. Together the duo will be bringing you unique swimming coverage from an angle that has never been explored before.

Both lead writers for Swimswam, the two also currently coach the sport. With swimming expertise that stretches far beyond the shallow end the pair will be discussing some of the most talked about issues in the sport of swimming today.

On week five it’s Phelps Phelps Phelps. Go along with Mitch and Loretta on a huge throwback journey through Phelps’ career dating all the way back to the 2000 Olympic trials in Sydney.

The Schedule

  • Michael Phelps Breakdown
  • What’s Up With Ricky?
  • Phelps Top 10 Biggest Rivals

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5 years ago

You guys should offer a highlight feature for those who don’t have time to listen to the whole show

Lazy Observer
Reply to  swimmer
5 years ago

Lets be real: everyone except those with three jobs has 1 hour to listen to something. You can do it while washing dishes and folding laundry – unless you don’t have time for those either.

The question is – how many people want to listen for 1 hour straight? That’s where a highlight reel comes in.

Reply to  swimmer
5 years ago

Podcasts are designed for a person to listen to a bit and eventually come back. I subscribe to 13 (12 because Serial isn’t active right now) and only listen to them when I’m at work or traveling. Podcasts are based off the traditional radio show format, so putting up a highlight version doesn’t work.

About Mitch Bowmile

Mitch Bowmile

Mitch worked for 5-years with SwimSwam news as a web producer focusing on both Canadian and international content. He coached for Toronto Swim Club for four seasons as a senior coach focusing on the development of young swimmers. Mitch is an NCCP level 2 certified coach in Canada and an ASCA Level …

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