The Greatest Masters Swimming Psych Up Video Ever Made

I dare anyone to produce a better “psych up” video than this one, profiling Di, Detroit Interracial swimming program.

I love Rob Butcher, the executive director of US Masters Swimming. Rob’s a dear friend, and I’ve nearly joined a masters swimming program again and  again because of his encouragement…..but DI is much more motivating.

Come on? These guys are superheroes. It’s so obvious. This is what swimming is all about….sprinting, pumping iron, slo mo hero-posing underwater to epic music.

Many thanks to my friend, Fares Ksbati, for producing this video. Love it! Keep them coming…

And good luck to all of the athletes competing at the 2013 US Masters Swimming Spring National Championships!

Via Fares Ksebati

The “Detroit Interracial” swimming program is comprised of 4 esteemed individuals. They hail from the Metro-Detroit area, each contributing a unique set of experiences and perspective to the teams culture.

Canon T4i
GoPro HD Hero2
Requiem For A Dream (Lux Aeterna)
Iron Man (Black Sabbath)

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Jennifer Parks
10 years ago

Love it! Hope you’ll get some women in your workout group and then do another video! JP

10 years ago

“Cheetah Boys”you guys made nationals a lot more fun both with your on deck antics, attire, and awesome swim. Thanx for making masters what is should be a lot of fun. Video is awesome, come train with us and teach us a few of those moves. Not sure we can get all the guys into cheetah caps and gold lamie suits but it would be fun trying.

10 years ago

Hey guys – thanks for joining the MM team at Nationals. Maybe we can get some more 18-25 “junior masters swimmers” to tear up the pool like you guys did!

10 years ago

Great vid, but come on, Mel… my alumni meet vid has to at least be a contender.

10 years ago

Naming your swimming team ‘interracial’ seems a bit weird. Kinda implies that other swimming teams in the area aren’t? Sweet video nonetheless!

10 years ago

A few minutes of social iron pumping, a couple of starts and 25s, and a lot of posing in and around the pool – you can tell that these guys are sprinters 😉

Reply to  oldguy
10 years ago


10 years ago

I clearly haven’t tapped into the Michigan Masters world as far as I thought… I need to meet these guys – that was awesome!

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