Texas Longhorns lead CSCAA’s Dec. 11 Men’s rankings

Editor’s Note: SwimSwam is not on the voting panel for the CSCAA Dual Meet Rankings, but the rankings are posted as a courtesy to the CSCAA. See our most recent men’s Power Rankings here.

The College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) has released its latest men’s dual meet poll for Division I, and the top of the class is starting to take shape.

The CSCAA now has Texas ranked #1, coming off a weekend in which the Longhorns were impressive at their home invite. Just behind are the defending NCAA champion Cal Bears.

It’s looking more and more like a Texas-Cal rematch for the NCAA title this year, so it makes sense that the two would sit atop the CSCAA poll, which doesn’t predict NCAA finish order but is based on which teams would beat each other in head-to-head dual meets based on the results so far this season.

The Georgia men, who were outstanding at their own home invite, have risen to third, displacing former #1-ranked Florida down to fourth. Another big riser is Louisville, which jumps up to 5th place in the latest poll.

Biggest risers: Auburn (+9), Georgia (+9)

Biggest fallers: NC State (-7), Alabama (-7)

Full press release and rankings, courtesy of the CSCAA:

CSCAA NCAA Division I Men’s Swimming and Diving Team Rankings Supported by TYR

The College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) Division I Team Rankings are compiled by nine CSCAA-member coaches and one media member.  The rankings will be released on a weekly basis throughout the 2014-15 season, alternating weeks between a men’s and women’s team ranking.

The CSCAA DI Poll Committee will produce in-season rankings of the 25 best performing NCAA Division I Swimming and Diving teams in rank order at the time of each poll.  The poll is not designed to predict the results of the NCAA Championship, but rather which teams would win head-to-head against other teams in the country. Rankings are based on performances that have taken place since the previous poll and include invites as well as dual meets.

CSCAA NCAA Division I Men’s Swimming and Diving Ranking as of December 11, 2014

  1. Texas
  2. California
  3. Georgia
  4. Florida
  5. Louisville
  6. Michigan
  7. Stanford
  8. Missouri
  9. Ohio State
  10. Auburn
  11. Arizona
  12. Virginia Tech
  13. Indiana
  14. Wisconsin
  15. Tennessee
  16. Southern California
  17. North Carolina State
  18. Alabama
  19. Harvard
  20. Iowa
  21. Virginia
  22. Florida State
  23. Minnesota
  24. Utah
  25. Penn

Also receiving votes: Denver, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Purdue, South Carolina

CSCAA NCAA Men’s Division I Swimming and Diving Team Poll Committee

Chair: Bill Roberts, United States Naval Academy; Chad Craddock, University of Maryland Baltimore County; Braden Holloway/Gary Taylor, North Carolina State University; Jeff Commings, Swimming World Magazine; McGee Moody, University of South Carolina; Vic Riggs, West Virginia University; Dan Ross, Purdue University; Brian Schrader, University of Denver; Dorsey Tierney-Walker, Arizona State University

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Derek Mead

I understand teams get better/worse during the season, but Michigan beat up on Louisville head to head, so that one doesn’t make sense. And didn’t Wisconsin beat Arizona?


Why do they rank the teams? i’m honestly asking is there any value to being ranked, like bowl system, or money, or a better shot at your B cut getting picked? or is it basicly just to say your the hardest team to beat.


Someone is bitter


you obviously don’t read the comments much. I’m a UT supporter.

CT Swim Fan

As it was explained to me after the women’s rankings came out, many teams were a combination of tapered, shaved and suited up, while others simply swam through these invites. The rankings reflect the times so far, so in many cases they are comparing rested and shaved teams to tired unshaved teams.


MCMFLYGUY – for the same reason they rank any sport: it builds/maintains interest, is relatively easy content and generates a bit of controversy, IMO of course.


And Louisville pretty handily beat Michigan at Nationals. The rankings include invites as well.


Our son’s dream schools are ranked: 1, 20, and 7 (in that order). We will see how good he will be in 3-4 years.


Texas and Stanford I understand…both have solid academics (obviously Stanford being the higher) and great swim programs……….but then you put Iowa…what?

Varsity Swimmer

That’s great! Really! But, seriously? Bragging about how fast your son is on SwimSwam?


Psychodad — Iowa as a dream school, sandwiched between Texas and Stanford? Any particular reason why?


Entire family bleeds black and gold. His parents met and graduated at U of Iowa, he was born in Iowa City, he is huuuge Iowa football and basketball fan, but Longhorn swimming is #1 – grew up here swimming in meets at the Texas Swim Center, and knows many ex and current Texas swimmers. His twin sister’s dream schools are Vanderbilt and Iowa. No Texas attachment on her part though. Fun times!

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