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Ranga Reddy District Ke Srijani Garapathi Ne Telangana Mei Hui 67th SGF Telangana State Level Swimming Championship Jo Ki Zion Sportz Academy, Bachupally, Mein Saturday Ko Hui Thi Uske Under-17 Age Group Ki Category Mein Unhone Three Gold Medals Jeeta.

In Swimmer Ne 100m Breaststroke And 200m Backstroke Mei Gold Medal Aur 50m Backstroke Event Mei Silver Medal Jeeta.


Boys: U-14 Yrs 100m backstroke:

  1. N Yashasvi (RR) (1:07:41s),
  2. V Anvith (RR) (1:13:02s),
  3. G Shreyas Reddy (Hyd) (1:36:85s);


  1. Jeevika Sriveni (RR) (1:15:78s),
  2. Navisha Paled (RR) (1:23:56s),
  3. Nayithi Pabba (Hyd) (1:37:12s);

Girls: U-14 Yrs 200m freestyle:

  1. Shivani Karra (Hyd) (2:23:25s),
  2. D Ritu Snehal (Hyd) (2:28:22s),
  3. Ishi Agarwal (RR) (2:38:02s);

U-14 Yrs 50m breaststroke:

  1. Jone Shiju (RR) (41:21s),
  2. S Johanna (RR) (41:36s),
  3. Aliya Fatima (Medak) (47:11s);

Girls: U-14 Yrs 50m breaststroke:

  1. K Deeraj (Warangal) (44:17s),
  2. H Tattapally (RR) (44:95s),
  3. Sathvik (Hyd) (45:43s);

Girls: U-17 Yrs 200m backstroke:

  1. Srijani Garapathi (RR) (2:47:58s),
  2. A Sai Akshara (RR) (2:49:04s);

Boys: U-17 Yrs 400m freestyle:

  1. D Varshith (RR) (4:23:16s),
  2. S Joseph (RR) (4:29:82s),
  3. M Sushanth Desai (Hyd) (6:01:39s);

Team Championship: U-14 Yrs: Boys:

  1. Ranga Reddy (45),
  2. Hyderabad (19);


  1. Ranga Reddy Team (35),
  2. Hyderabad (27); U-17 Yrs


  1. Ranga Reddy (67),
  2. Hyderabad (21);


  1. Ranga Reddy (49),
  2. Nizamabad (8).

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