19th Asian Games New Dates Announced, Will Remain In Hangzhou

New dates have been announced for the 2022 Asian Games, the elite international multi-sport competitive event that was postponed earlier this year.

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China Looking To Work with IOC On Olympic Athlete Vaccinations

The Chinese government said it is ready to work with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to help provide vaccines to athletes competing at the Games. 


Updated Info: What’s Known About Chlorine’s Impact On Coronavirus

Let’s review the studies conducted since our original article published in March of 2020 concerning chlorine’s impact on the coroanvirus.


IOC, WHO Strengthen Partnership to ‘Promote Healthy Society Through Sport’

The new agreement is intended, in part, to contribute to the prevention of non-communicable diseases by working to mitigate physical inactivity.

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World Health Org Submits Zika Report; Kenya Ponders Olympic Withdrawal

Kenya: “We have made it clear that unless they clean the venues of this potentially dangerous disease, we will not go there. But if they assure us that things are in order and there is no risk to participants, mothers, we will go.”


Spread Of Zika Virus Leads To WHO Declaring Public Health Emergency

Due to the ‘explosive spreading’ of the Zika virus throughout Latin America, where reported cases number in the four million range this year alone, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a public health state of emergency.


Rio Organizers And FINA Enter Constructive Talks On Venue Criticism

In a follow-up to the news we reported in September regarding FINA’s lash-out at Rio organizers regarding substandard aquatic conditions…

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IOC Says They Will Not Test For Viruses in Rio’s Olympic Waterways

The International Olympic Committee announced they do not believe testing the viral levels in the Olympic waterways in necessary.


Pool Indoor Air Quality: Why It Matters To Your Health And Performance (Part 3)

Peeing in the pool creates a nerve toxin cyanogen chloride, which reacts slowly with water vapor to form toxic hydrogen cyanide poison. This issue is quite serious. Serious enough that the Federal Government has been taking steps to address the issue of indoor pool air quality.


Pool Indoor Air Quality: Why It Matters to Your Health and Performance (PART 2)

Mixing air causes corrosion in higher parts of the building, including the roof. This is usually the cause of a breeze or draft on a pool deck. This effect spreads bad air all over the place, and is intensified by the use of large fans. Look for rust around your pool. If you see any on metal components in your roof, chances are, there is mixing going on.


Pool Indoor Air Quality: Why it Matters to Your Health and Performance (Part 1)

Take a moment and ask yourself: what’s the worst air quality you’ve ever experienced at an indoor pool? Not just recently…but ever. Have you ever wondered why? Why is the air so bad in most indoor pools, and seemingly fine in others?