15 Signs You Are a Tapering Swimmer

The moment you know your taper worked. Here are 15 signs you are a tapering swimmer.


Taper-Friendly Super Bowl Party Food

It is notoriously difficult to eat healthy during taper, when appetites are still at winter-training levels, but workout loads have plummeted. Here are some healthy and healthier Super Bowl snack alternatives.


4 Ways to Optimize your Time Prior to a Championship Meet

As the physical demand of training lightens with taper and you spend less time at the pool, how you manage the remaining hours in your day becomes more critical.

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How to Nail the Taper

Reach your body’s peak performance level by diminishing training volume—enabling your body to recover from the physiological stress of months of heavy training. Literature suggests the taper period should involve a reduction to 40-60% of one’s training volume to maximize performance gains.


3 Restorative Yoga Poses to Help the Effectiveness of Your Taper

Restorative yoga is a very powerful tool to enhance recovery…

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5 Signs You are a Sprinter

#1 – You’re horrible at IM, but you wish the 100 IM was an event in NCAA swimming.


5 Ways to Prepare for your First College Swimming Championships

#4 – Expect the unexpected as you prepare for your first college swimming championships.


Taper Problems for Swim Coaches

Swimming Video is courtesy of SwimMAC. Swimming coaches of the world over have this issue at taper time (see video…

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Colorado Stars Swim Team Produces Ultimate Taper Video – Geico Commercial Spoof

Swim coach Todd Schmitz of the Colorado Stars understands how awesome taper time is, and he’s produced the video to…


Olympian and Masters Champion, David Sims, Breaks 200 Fly 2 Minute Barrier

David Sims is supposed to be a miler. That’s the event in which he made the 1980 Olympic Swimming Team,…


#TaperTipsWithZiggy: Walking is Overrated

With visual demos! Zach McGinnis shows how to save your legs while shopping.

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It’s Taper Time: The Harlem Shake Throw Down (#harlemshakeoff)

Don’t hit play on all of the videos at the same time. It might Shake you back to 1981, when this dance craze started.


#TaperTipsWithZiggy: More Hot Showers, Initiate the S.T.

When you’ve had two shoulder surgeries and been diagnosed with epilepsy, and still managed to sit near the top of…

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#TaperTipsWithZiggy: “Listen to your body”

Zach McGinnis knows how to taper…or at least how to annoy his coaches during taper.

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Twas The Night Before Taper

“Twas the night before taper, when all through the house…Not a swimmer was stirring; their lights were all out.” (Swim Photo Credit: GER)

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