Swimming From Home Talk Show

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Columbia Swim Club Coaches and Swimmers

The group discussed the importance of keeping a schedule, especially waking up when you normally would and exercising when you would have practice.

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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Madisyn Cox on Meditation, Pickleball

The whole Cox crew has been enjoying pickleball in their driveway, and Cox even admits she can get too upset if she loses.


Swimming From Home Talk Show: Elizabeth Beisel on Finding the Silver Linings

She recently co-authored a book telling her Olympic story, titled Silver Lining, and she walks us through the process of actually writing a book.

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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Club Wolverine on 700 Rubber Ducks

Other activities have also included what we’ve been watching, how we’ve been staying active outside, and… buying 700 rubber ducks.


Swimming From Home Talk Show: Jack Brown on Looking Past Swimming

UNC has been encouraging their student-athletes to rekindle hobbies that they may have given up some time along the way because of swimming. 


Swimming From Home: Anna Hopkin on Training with Mel Marshall… From Home

Hopkin returned to the UK where she was able to get in a long course time trial, posting a 53.3 100 free, just shy of her best


Swimming From Home: Bill Dorenkott on Passion for Strength & Conditioning

Ohio State head coach Bill Dornekott has a passion for Strength & Conditioning and shared some of his insight and interesting experiences related to it

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Swimming From Home Talk Show: Mike Bottom on the Value of Taking a Pause

Bottom commented on how a forced time for pause can be a good thing, and what he’s been getting out of this time at home.


Swimming From Home Talk Show: Katie Drabot on Team Support, Top Movies

Drabot has found solace in spending time with family and teammates and trying to stay active and fit in different ways besides swimming

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Swimming From Home: Breeja Larson on Airbnb Olympic Experiences, Mental Clinics

Breeja Larson enlightened me about Airbnb Experiences, specifically how you can buy one with an Olympian and sometimes even get a lesson in their event


Swimming From Home: Emily Escobedo on Infinity Pool Training, Quarantine in NY

National Teamer Emily Escobedo has been one of the few fortunate ones to still (as of the time of this interview) have access to a pool – an infinity pool


Swimming From Home: Jason Calanog on Being the Dad He’s Always Wanted to Be

One of his sons is in 4th grade, and he has helped him with his now online schooling, meaning that Calanog has had to relearn quite a bit himself


Swimming From Home Talk Show: Annie Lazor on Swimming in 4 Different Pools

Along with IU post-grads Cody Miller and Lilly King, Lazor has swam in 4 different pools over the last 2 weeks in an effort to try and maintain pool time


Swimming From Home Talk Show: 15-Year-Old Jacob Whittle on Keeping His Head

after last summer, he’s had a lot of practice keeping a level head, not getting too excited or too down about any one thing


Swimming From Home Talk Show: Ryan Murphy on New Coffee Habits, Tiger King

When I joined Ryan Murphy this morning, we were both having our morning coffee. He was on cup #2, which I have to say made me a little jealous