SwimSwam’s The Weekly Wonders of Age Group Swimming – 2013-14 Wrap Up

As we prepare to launch a new season of WWAGS, we thought we’d look back at the 2013-14 swim year and see who made up our lists. From October 2013 through August 2014 we had 508 mentions; a few athletes (maybe a dozen?) were honored twice but the overwhelming majority was made up of unique mentions.

It is interesting to note that the heaviest concentration of honorees fell in the 11-14 age categories. One of the things that makes WWAGS special is that it’s not just National Junior Team members and NAG record-breakers who show up in our articles; indeed, all it takes to get noticed is a breakthrough meet.

During high school season we might expect to see the honors skewed toward the upper end of the age brackets, but since high school swimming is a year-round sport in the United States -depending on one’s region it can be a fall, winter or spring activity- even that wasn’t too much of an outlier.

Here is the breakdown of mentions for the 2013-14 swim season:

Age Distribution


2013-14 mentions


















Gender Distribution


2013-14 mentions






Club Distribution

The following clubs made at least one of our 41 lists:

ABQ Dolphins Swim Team
Academy Bullets Swim Club
Alamo Area Aquatic Association
Allegheny North Swim Club
Aquabears Swim Team
AquaKids Sharks Swim Team
Aquatic Club of Elkhorn
Aquazot Swim Club
Arden Hills Swimming
Arizona Gold Swimming
Arkansas Dolphins
Aspen Swim Club
Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics
Atlantis Swimming Federation
Austin Swim Club
Badger Swim Club
Bainbridge Island Swim Club
Bellevue Club Swim Team
Berkeley Aquatic Club
Bernal’s Gator Swim Club
BGC-N. Westchester Marlins
Black Hawk Area Swim Team
Blue Tide Aquatics
Bluefish Swim Club
Boise YMCA Swim Team
Bolles School Sharks
Boulder City Henderson Swim Team
Bowling Green Swim Club
BREA Aquatics Swim Team
Butler Y Aquatic Club
Byron Center Dawgs
California Capital Aquatics
Canyons Aquatic Club
Cape Cod Swim Club
Cardinal Aquatics
Carmel Swim Club
Carpet Capital Aquatics Club
Cascade Swim Club
Central Arkansas Swim Club
Central Bucks Swim Team
Central Iowa Aquatics
Charger Aquatics
Chattahoochee Gold Swim Club
Chelsea Piers Aquatic Club
Chesapeake Swim Club
Cheyenne Mountain Aquatics
Chicago Wolfpack Aquatic Club
Cincinnati Aquatic Club
Cincinnati Marlins
City Of Hialeah Storm Swim Team
City Of Midland Swim Team
City of Mobile Swim Association
Clearwater Aquatic Team
Clovis Swim Club
Coeur D’Alene Area Swim Team
Collierville Swimming
Columbia Swim Club
Conejo Simi Swim Club
Corvallis Aquatic Team
Countryside YMCA
Crawfish Aquatics
Crown Point Swim Club
Current Swimming
Dayton Raiders
De Anza Cupertino Aquatics
Delaware Swim Team
Delta Aquatics
Denver Swim Academy
Dolphin Aquatics
Donner Swim Club
Dubuque Area Swimmin’ Hurricanes
Dynamo Swim Club
East Bay Aquatics Association
Eau Claire YMCA Marlins
Edina Swim Club
Edina Swim Club
Egg Harbor Township Seahawks
Empire Swimming
Enfinity Aquatic Club
Episcopal AmberJax
Excel Aquatics
Executive Swim Club
Firestone Akron Swim Team
First Colony Swim Team
Flatiron Athletic Club
Flint ‘Y’ Falcons
Flyers Aquatic Swim Team
Foothill Aqua Sharks Swim Team
Fork Union Aquatic Club
Fort Collins Area Swim Team
Franklin Regional Swim Team
Fresno Dolphins Swim Team
Frisco Aquatics
Fullerton Aquatics Swim Team
Gator Swim Club
Georgia Coastal Aquatic Team
Germantown Academy Aquatic Club
Gold Medal Swim Club
Golden West Swim Club
Great Lakes Sailfish Swimming
Greater Nebraska Swim Team
Greater Omaha Aquatics
Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club
Green Bay Swim Club
Green Bay YMCA
Greenwood Memorial Swim Club
Greenwood Swimming
Grosse Pointe Gators
Gwinnett Aquatics
Harrison Extended Aquatic Team
Hendrix AquaKids
Hershey Aquatic Club
Highland Park Aquatics Club
Highlander Aquatic Club
Hillsboro Swim Team
Hopkins Mariner Swim Team
Hudson Area Swimming Association
Huntsville Swim Association
Indie Swimming
Iowa Flyers Swim Club
Irvine Novaquatics
Island Aquatics
Issaquah Swim Team
JCC Waves
Jeffco Hurricanes
Jersey Wahoos
Jonesboro ‘Jets’ Swim Team
Kamehameha Swim Club
Kansas City Blazers
Kemmerer Swim Club
King Aquatic Club
King Marlin Swim Club
Kingfish Aquatic Club
Kingfish Aquatic Club of Waterford
Kishwaukee YMCA Dekalb County
KYD Swim Team
La Guardia Aquatic Club Twisters
La Mirada Armada
Lake Erie Silver Dolphins
Lakers Aquatic Club
Lakeside Aquatic Club
Lakeside Swim Team
Lane Four Aquatics
Lawrence Aquahawks
Lincoln Select Swimming
Lincoln-Way Swim Association
Livonia Community Swim Club
Lobo Aquatic Club
Long Island Aquatic Club
Long Island Express
Longhorn Aquatics
Loyola Blakefield Aquatics
Machine Aquatics
Madison Swimming Association
Magnolia Aquatic Club
Mako Swim Team
Manoa Aquatics
Mansfield Aquatic Club
Marietta Marlins
Marin Pirates
Marlins of Raleigh
Mason Manta Rays
McFarland Spartan Sharks
Mei’s Typhoons Swimming Club
Memphis Tiger Swim Club
Metro Aquatic Club of Miami
Metroplex Aquatics
Miami Dade County Aquatic Club
Minnetonka Swim Club
Mission Viejo Nadadores
Missoula Aquatic Club
Monocacy Aquatic Club
Morris County Swim Club
Motor City Aquatics
Mount Desert Island YMCA
Mount Pleasant Swim Club
NASA Wildcat Aquatics
Nashville Aquatic Club
Nation’s Capital Swim Club
New Trier Swim Club
New Wave Swim Club
Nitro Swimming
Nittany Lion Aquatic Club
North Baltimore Aquatic Club
North Carolina Aquatic Club
North Coast Aquatics
North Mecklenburg Aquatics
North Texas Nadadores
Northern KY Clippers Swimming
NOVA of Virginia Aquatics
Nu Wave Swim Club
Ocean County YMCA
Oregon City Swim Team
Ozaukee Aquatics
Pacific Dragons Swim Team
PACK Swim Team of Pittsford
Palm Harbor YMCA Piranhas
Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics
Park City Swimming
Parkway Swim Club
Paseo Aquatics Swim Team
Patriot Swim Club
Peak Swimming
Penguin Aquatics
Penn Charter Aquatic Club
Peoria Area Water Wizards
Phoenix Swimming
Phoenixville YMCA
Pine Crest Swimming
Pittsburgh Stingrays Swim Team
Pleasant Valley Swim Team
Pleasanton Seahawks
Plymouth-Canton Cruisers
Pointe Aquatics
Poseidon Swimming
Poulsbo Piranha Swim Team
Powel Crosley YMCA
Premier Aquatics Club of Klein
Princeton Tiger Aquatic Club
Punahou Aquatics
Radnor Aquatic Club
Rancho San Dieguito
Razorback Aquatic Club AquaHawgs
Redding Swim Team
Redlands Swim Team
Regency Park Swim Team
Reno Aquatic Club
Ridgefield Aquatic Club
Ridgewood YMCA
Roadrunner Aquatic
Rockville Montgomery Swim Club
Rockwood Swim Club
Saint Augustine Swim Team
San Clemente Aquatic Team
Sandpipers Of Nevada
Santa Clara Swim Club
Sarasota YMCA Sharks
Scarlet Aquatics
Schroeder YMCA Swim Team
Scottsdale Aquatic Club
Shawmut Aquatic Club
Shenandoah Marlins Aquatic Club
Shockwaves Aquatic Club
SOLO Aquatics
South Eastern Virginia Aquatics
South Florida Aquatic Club
South Metro Storm
South Pasadena Sea Tigers
South Shore YMCA Strypers
Southern Crescent Aquatic Team
Southern Utah Swimming Association
Spokane Waves Aquatic Team
St Charles Swim Team
Star Aquatics
Star Swimming
Suburban Seahawks Club
Swim Florida
Swim Fort Lauderdale
Swim Pasadena
SwimMAC Carolina
Sylvania Tsunami Swim Club
Tampa Bay Community Aquatics
Team Century Swim
Team Greenville
Team Santa Monica
Terrapins Swim Team
The Dolphins
The Fish
The Woodlands Swim Team
Three Village Swim Club
Tidal Wave Swimming
TIDE Swimming
TJCC Stingrays
Town Wrecker Swim Team
Triangle Aquatic Center Titans
Tri-City Channel Cats
Tri-Hampton YMCA Swim Team
Tualatin Hills Swim Club
Tule Nation Tritons
Upper St Clair Swim Club
Upper Valley Aquatic Club
Utah Valley Aquatics
Victor Swim Club
Virginia Gators
Walnut Creek Aquabears
Wasatch Front Fish Market
Washington Township Swim Club
Waukesha Express Swim Team
Waves Bloomington/Normal YMCA
Westchester Aquatic Club
Wheaton Swim Club
Wildcat Aquatics
Williamsburg Aquatic Club
YMCA Hub Fins
YMCA of Dane County
YMCA of the North Shore
YMCA of the Triangle Area Swim Team
YMCA Westside Silver Fins
Y-Spartaquatics Swim Club

Congratulations to all our WWAGS honorees. Keep up the good work, and here’s hoping we see your name on a WWAGS list again this year!

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6 years ago

I have no idea how many swim teams are registered with USS, but you must have had mentions from a significant number of them! Good job, SwimSwam! 🙂

6 years ago

my guess is there are about 2700 registered swim clubs

Reply to  oldballcoach
6 years ago

Pretty close! 2013 statistics show 2,915 “year-round clubs” for USA Swimming, and 126 “seasonal” clubs. So right around 3000 total clubs.

Reply to  Braden Keith
6 years ago

Is there a complete list of swim teams available somewhere?

Reply to  Braden Keith
6 years ago

Wow! And that doesn’t even include many YMCA/YWCA/Boys & Girls Club teams that don’t participate in USS, high school teams or summer league teams, not to mention masters teams. There are a lot of swimmers in the US!

6 years ago

Is there any way to figure out how many total swimmers are in each age group? Ex: # of swimmers in 13-14 boys or 11-12 girls

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