SwimSpray: Behind the Scenes

Swimmers are a special breed. Swim-moms (and dads) love and support them through the long winters and summers and endless early morning practices. It’s no surprise when they achieve success later in life.

Well, I’ve found another success story from the sport, one I’m fascinated by.

Meet Dr. Andrew Chadeayne, Princeton grad, attorney, Ph.D in Chemistry and a Masters National Champion.  The guy’s impressive, even by the swimming community’s standards. And here’s one more thing you need to know about him. He’s solved an age-old problem all swimmers have suffered through: chlorine smell, and the dryness and itchiness it causes.

Dr. Andrew Chadeayne (pronounced Sha-Dane) is the inventor of SwimSpray, the  revolutionary product that eliminates chlorine from your hair and skin after swimming. The product’s as simple, safe and healthy as it gets too – it’s just vitamin C.

It’s about time, right? I mean, it’s 2012, and we’ve needed this product forever. Thankfully we got a guy with 30 years of swimming under his belt and two doctoral degrees to tackle problem of chlorine stench once and for all.

My interest is simple. I’m a fan of entrepreneurs, especially in the sport of swimming. I’m fascinated by what they create to solve problems and make swimming more fun and enjoyable. More than anything, I think I can see a success story coming

In this column, SwimSpray: Behind the Scenes, we’re going to follow Andrew’s journey this year as he lives the swimming lifestyle and does everything in his power to reach the swimming community with his product. If you see him along the way, say hello and try his product, or just cheer him on.

I’ve always felt the swimming community was one big family with it’s own language. We all experience the same up and downs, and truly understand hard work. Being a swimmer is tough, but the rewards make it worthwhile in so many ways.  Andrew’s lived the swimming life growing up, he’s living it now as a masters swimmers, and he’s contributing a product I think is very cool! I’m pulling for him, and we’ll be dropping in on him as well to see how his journey’s going.

Stay tuned, right here, and hear from Andrew himself. There’s a lot more to his story, and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

Dr. Andrew Chadeayne is a Ph.D in Chemistry, Master Swimming National Champions, and the inventor of SwimSpray. Follow him on Twitter @swimspray and fan him Facebook.

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