Swimming’s TopTenTweets of the Week: Inaugural Edition

Here at SwimSwam we like to think we’re young and tech-savvy. Whether or not you’ll believe that, we’ve decided to start a new weekly feature where we take some of the most clever, hilarious, inspiring, or otherwise significant tweets and highlight the best right here. This is going to be a mix between tweets by Olympians, college athletes, coaches, age group swimmers, the twitter account you made for your dog… and maybe even YOU!

Keep in mind that there are so, so many tweets and it’s impossible for us to consider every single tweet, even if it is superlatively hilarious and relevant and inspirational. But we’ll do our best.

Without further ado, here are Swimming’s TopTenTweets of the Week:

#10 (No, not “hashtag 10.” #10, as in NUMBER 10.)

The poor snorkel couldn’t even call for help. It’s summer, y’all, protect those bad boys from the heat!


Canadian youngster Emily Overholt definitely deserves some recognition after last weekend, and she got some on the Twitter from 2012 Canadian Olympian Tera van Beilen. Overholt’s big weekend was highlighted by several huge swims. The seventeen-year-old finished 2nd behind only the Iron Lady Katinka Hosszu in the 200 fly and 400 IM, as well as adding another 2nd place finish to Danish distance star Lotte Friis in the 400 free. She destroyed her old personal bests in the 200 fly (2:12.91) and the 400 free (4:10.07) to put up new bests of 2:10.75 and 4:07.93, respectively. Her time in the 400 free is the fastest done by a Canadian this year by nearly five seconds.


Caeleb Dressel, the first (and only) 18& under swimmer from any nation to ever break 19 seconds in a 50 yard freestyle with a flat start, is a big dude. Seen towering over him is fifteen-year-old breaststroke phenom Reece Whitley. Reece, you certainly have the build for football, but please stick with us in the pool.


Timothy Bennett couldn’t put it any better. We aren’t going to say anything more.


This pizza guy might have been sent to revive our swimmer and tweeter from #1 on this list.


There were a bunch of Michael’s at the Arena Pro Swim Series at Santa Clara: Phelps, Andrew, Klueh, McBroom, Weiss, Taylor… the list goes on. But one Michael in particular, Minnesota’s Michael Nunan, that is, played copy cat to the greatest ever and it turned out pretty well.


If you didn’t know that SwimSwam’s co-founder Mel Stewart was an Olympic gold medalist, shame on you. Thanks to Gavin Cooley for reminding us all of Mel’s incredible career and his Olympic medals which were earned before my parents even considered bringing me into this world.


Take time to thank your parents. Seriously. They are the ones getting up at 5am with you, driving you to most of your meets, giving you that extra support to push yourself in training. They even sit in uncomfortable bleachers for hours on end in a stuffy natatorium for the few minutes (or less, ahem, sprinters!) that you’re actually swimming.


Missy Franklin is great, but you already knew that. Right from her personal twitter, she announced her big decision: signing with Speedo in her first major deal as a professional athlete. Might we add that she sure looks FIERCE in this photo; the bubbly swim star will be looking to bring some of that ferocity to the pool as the 2015 Kazan World Championships draw nearer.


This might be one of the best tweets of the entire month, or even year. Love the 200 fly or hate it, it’d be surprising to find an experienced swimmer who hasn’t had a horrible, near-fatal, gain-ten-seconds, consider-switching-to-freestyle-at-multiple-points-in-the-race 200 fly. We feel for you, Emily.


There’s always next week, folks. Following @swimswamnews definitely won’t hurt your chances at being featured. Feeling extra generous? Follow me at @kfortegon. Thanks for checking out the first-ever TopTenTweets of the swimming Twitterverse!

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Great new column and totally agree with #1, but the way Ms. Overholt cranked out her swims in Santa Clara deserves at least a podium position on this list. #cranking #ohcanada


Love #5! 😀 So perfect!

bobo gigi

I’m probably the last “young” guy on earth, at least in developed countries, aged between 15 and 35, without a facebook or a twitter account and I still believe I’m normal. 🙂
I just have very mixed feelings about these “social networks”.
I don’t see what is social but that’s another debate.
And it allows people to say anything, even the biggest horrors or lies. Greatest place for anonymous haters and launchers of false rumors. Untruth Kingdom.
But don’t misunderstand me. I like reading tweets and news from my favorite athletes.
It’s in my opinion one of the greatest and worst inventions at the same time. 😆

Back to your top 10.
I love #3 and #1. Both are hilarious. 😆

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