Swimmer in Critical Condition After Great Mills High School Shooting

by Payton Titus 67

March 20th, 2018 High School, National, News

On Tuesday morning at 7:55 am, shots were fired at Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s county, Maryland. 17 year-old, Austin Wyatt Rollins, entered the school with an illegally procured Glock semiautomatic handgun which he used to shoot one 14 year-old student and another 16 year-old student, the latter of whom is a member of the school’s swim team: Jaelynn Willey.

While the 14 year-old victim’s condition has been described as “good” by local news and authorities, Willey is currently in critical condition with life-threatening injuries at UM Prince George’s Hospital Center and the shooter has been declared deceased.

In February, the St. Mary’s Sherriff’s office was engaged in an investigation of a shooting threat at Great Mills that had been broadcasted via Snapchat. The shooting on Tuesday ironically took place 6 days after the student body’s own gun control walkout and 4 days before the nationwide March For Our Lives, a protest organized by the Parkland survivors and advocated for by dozens of celebrities. Governor Larry Hogan (R) addressed the situation offering his prayers for the families affected by the act of domestic terrorism, while reminding the American public that prayers are “not enough”; that action will continue to be quintessential in securing changes.

According to Sherriff Tim Cameron, there is an indication of a “prior relationship” between Willey and the shooter, although friends and family members of Wiley have said that they find it hard to believe that the notoriously maternal and compassionate second-of-nine children could be an intentional target of such violence. Regardless, an investigation is underway.

Jaelynn Willey is a junior at Great Mills and competes for her school as well as Great Mills Aquatic Club.

Willey’s uncle provided a family statement regarding the tragic incident, “This morning, our family was devastated to learn that our beautiful Jaelynn was one of the victims in a school shooting at her high school, Great Mills.” A YouCaring fundraising page has been set up on behalf of Jaelynn Willey in order to aid the family in covering her medical bills. Those looking to reach out are encouraged to make donations to the link below.

In February, one of the 17 people shot and killed at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was Nick Dworet, a member of the swim team and a commit to the University of Indianapolis.



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Zero. How many kids were saved by a good guy with a gun?


Duh, in this case there were many kids lives saved by a good guy with a gun. The school security guards is the one who shot the gunman dead.

Steve Nolan

Alright, so the end point of a good guy w/ a gun stopping a bad guy is that everyone has a gun. The end point of my preferred solution – melt all the guns and make a really cool throne out of them – is that no one has a gun.

I think fewer people get killed with guns in my idealized scenario.


I’m guessing you are trolling here, but OK I’ll bite…
So you can also wipe out all knowledge in the production of firearms? You realize people have been able to 3D print guns for some time now.

Steve Nolan

I’m not trolling at all. Just because it seems radical doesn’t mean it’s not right.

We can switch are ridiculously draconian drug laws for ridiculously draconian laws for 3D printing guns. Hell, make it so that the company that made the printer that made the gun gets boned about it, they’ll put some safeguards in there.

Steve Nolan

You can tell I was very jetlagged yesterday with all the typos I made in this and other posts. I want to tear my own skin off because of “are” and “their” somewhere else.


I agree with Steve Nolan on something for the first time ever!

Steve Nolan

Hm, yay? All your other takes must be v bad.


if you could guarantee me that all guns in the U.S. would be confiscated, including the governments, and melted i’d be on board. Until then, count me as wanting guns for protection from bad people with guns.

Steve Nolan

See!? It’s not a crazy idea, it’s just difficult to implement.

And talkin’ about meltin’ all the government’s guns isn’t even something I’d asked for, but I am also on board with that.

Joe Bagodonuts

No. It’s crazy – AND impossible to implement. However, I think you may be onto everyone just agreeing to start every day with a hug and a flower. In fact, I love you, man!

Dan D.

The goal shouldn’t be to stop violent crimes committed with guns; it should be to stop violent crimes.


A good guy who’s job it is to stop them


Good guys, bad guys what’s lost in the discussion is that schools have become shooting ranges.
Restrict such easy accessibility to firearms and let kids live their lives. It wasn’t so long ago that we had a ban on assault rifles. Was that such a terrible period?


How about access to FedEx packages, battery acid, narcotics, large rocks, and heavy gas-powered vehicles. It’s not logical to think that guns are the problem. If you can plot to sneak a firearm into school, you can certainly plot to commit murder by another means. The point in the mind of the murderer is murder. The point in the mind of the murderer is not, what can I do with my dad’s firearm today?

Steve Nolan

It’s so much easier with a gun. It’s really that simple.


The comment that’s this was a reply to was removed so the zero makes little sense.


Praying she recovers

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