SwimMAC Carolina Cancels Lake Norman-Based Aquatic Center Plans

Loretta Race
by Loretta Race 14

September 19th, 2016 Club, News

In May of 2015, SwimMAC Carolina announced an agreement between the swim club and developer RL West for a new aquatic center to be built at LangTree, a retail/residential development on Lake Norman, outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Valued at around $4 million, the agreement for the donation of property in the LangTree development in Mooresville, entailed SwimMAC building an aquatic center on the site that would include a 50 meter competition pool, a training pool ideal for lessons, and seating for more than 1500 spectators.

However, according to local media outlet The Charlotte Observer, SwimMAC Carolina has canceled plans for the aquatic center, citing ‘organizational changes and financial forecast.’ This comes about just months after a major shake-up in the structure of the club, of which Olympians Ryan Lochte and Katie Meili call home. A club at one-time built as a model around having a full-time dedicated, professional management staff, SwimMAC Carolina announced in March of this year that all non-coaching administrative positions had been eliminated.

The Charlotte Observer reports that RL West is ‘still communicating with SwimMAC’ and will discuss other RL West properties in Mooresville with the swim club.

“We still want to see them (in Mooresville), and we hope we can work that out,” says the developer.

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Swim Mom

Not sure what article you read, the one you linked said SwimMac is not engaged with the developer “Langtree is “not activly engaged with SwimMac…””

Since Coach Marsh won’t comment to the Observer, maybe you can get a comment from him when he returns from Israel.


No surprises here. A lot of people associated with this project on both sides of the isle didn’t find any warm greetings once all was said and done. A failure.

Also – lol

Long time swimming family

SwimMac is in terrible financial shape–the leadership of the organization is overpaid and has driven the program into a deep hole–to the point where they are having difficulty paying their debts. Furthermore, the coaches only care about swimmers who are tracking for Olympic Trials and everything they do is only to support the elite swimmers. The only thing this club cares about is making money–so very sad as it used to be known as a great place for your child to swim and lots of families are leaving the program because of the change.


While I’m not doubting your comment on the shift of priority at SwimMAC, they clearly don’t only care about money (or they are really dumb about it), because if they did, they would be investing more in less elite swimmers. That’s where the money is really at. It sounds like they care more about prestige and being known as a center for elite swimmers than providing comprehensive swimming opportunities, and that is hurting them financially.


Where is the money they raised during the “One lane at time” campaign for Langtree? Whose managing those funds now? Or is it going to exclusive “training” for the elite coaches in October? If Marsh really cared about the age-group swimmers, maybe he should have donated a portion of his $300K+ salary back to MAC while he double collected from the USA Olympic committee.


Word was he took a greatly reduced salary from the club while financials were restructured.

Fat, Dumb and Happy.

The challenge is what club do you move your kids to? You say that a lot of families are leaving the program. Where are they going to.


Mecklenburg Swim Association

Fozzy Bear

Ha! MSA is terrible. Right up there with Sailfish and Enfinity.

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