Swim.com Goes Mobile

by SwimSwam Staff 1

April 07th, 2015 Gear, Industry, News, Training

Swim.com, the world’s most advanced swim workout and training platform, launched its mobile app today, allowing swimmers to access advanced feedback and analytics for their swims without needing to access a computer.

With the new Swim.com app, swimmers will be able to instantly view workouts they have swum with compatible wearable devices from manufacturers such as Garmin and that have automatically synced to the Swim.com platform. It will also allow Pebble smartwatch users to swim with the waterproof Pebble, sync and view their workouts through a single app, right from the pool deck.


“The biggest feedback we’ve gotten from users during our beta-phase is that they want instant feedback about their workout,” said Davis Wuolle, VP, Product for Swim.com. “Swimmers are busy, highly driven athletes. They want feedback in the water and on the pool deck, and not just when they get the chance sit down in front of a computer.”

The Swim.com app, on mobile devices and on the web, allows users to easily track distance, pace, times, strokes, efficiency and other key swim workout information. With the mobile app, that data access is now seamless and quick. The app is completely free and available now on both iOS and Android smartphones.


“In just six short months, Swim.com for Pebble has become the most downloaded swimming app for smartwatches,” added Wuolle. “This is the next step in the evolution and development of Swim.com, as users increasingly look for mobile-first solutions.”

Last year, Swim.com became the first-ever swim activity platform compatible with all the major swim wearables including Garmin, FINIS, Swimovate and Pebble – the first smartwatch to feature smart swimming functionality. More product enhancements and smartwatch compatibility for Swim.com will be unveiled throughout the summer of 2015.

“It’s great to see swimmers adopting wearable technologies that can enhance their experience of the sport,” Wuolle said. “With the launch of the Apple Watch and Pebble Time, and waterproof Android Wear solutions like the Sony Smartwatch 3, the future of technology in the pool looks very bright.”

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Swimmer A
6 years ago

Is the world ready for this much change?