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November 27th, 2019 News

How did you learn to coach your swimmers? Some coaches take how they were trained as a swimmer and then just go from there. Others go the opposite sometimes. And still other coaches take a mix of everything.

No matter how you came to your approach, you should always be looking to refine your coaching. And sometimes that means re-visiting the basics. Or maybe you’re a young coach who’s still trying to figure out what all the fundamentals are.

In The Hive powered by RITTER, one of the “cornerstone” sections is the Swim Coaching 101 course. This has about two dozen videos that will help form your fundamental approach to coaching.

We wanted to allow you to get a sample of this part of The Hive. Each video is led by Olympic Coach Paul Yetter of North Baltimore Aquatic Club.

Just click the image below of the topic you want to learn more about and you’ll be emailed a link to view it.

Enjoy and keep getting better as a coach!

Freestyle kick. Every coach usually answers that this is one of the most vital parts of success for a swimmer. But how do you actually train it? How do you vary or build it throughout a season? This video will give you a great understanding and approach to this key aspect of fast swimming.

Active rest – the “fun” practices. Swimmers get to go fast and coaches usually get really animated to encourage their athletes to new limits. But how do you write a great workout for this specific type of training? What are the basics in which to construct it? This video gives you great insight into this critical aspect to training.

Are you ready to do something tangible, structured and get accountability in continually improving as a swim coach?

How your athletes “feel” can often determine how they perform; and this could be either for the better or worse. So how should you approach your communication with an athlete around this tricky subject? This video gives you key points to think about when talking with your athletes.

If you enjoyed these videos you’ll love The Hive. Give yourself the resources and tools to be a better coach than you were a few seasons ago.

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