Sun Yang ‘Back In Form’ After 2 Years of Scandal

It’s been a couple of years of controversy for Sun Yang since his dominant victories in the 400,800 and 1500m freestyle events at the 2013 World Championships. Since this great feat he has gone on to lose his driving license and serve a criminal sentence while also serving a three month doping suspension.

These scandals have created a dip in performance. The clearest example is Sun not being ranked in the top five of his best event, the 1500m freestyle, in 2015. In fact his best time of the year, 15.00.73, is nearly 30 seconds from his 14.31.02 best set at the 2012 Olympics.

However, his coach, Zhang Yadong, believes that Sun is 90-95% of his peak form from his results in training, according to The New Indian Express. This may be all Sun needs to take certain titles in Kazan with many potential rivals pulling out, most notably Kosuke Hagino and Yannick Agnel.

Sun will be competing in the 200, 400, 800 and 1500m freestyle. Based on past evidence, the 200 may be perceived as his weakest event but nevertheless probably his best gold medal prospect in Kazan. He is currently ranked second in the world with a 1:45.75. He will be looking to repeat his 1:44.9 best from London or even get close to the 1.43 he split anchoring the China relay to bronze in Barcelona.

The distance events, however, will require Sun at his best to take the gold. The rise of Mack Horton and Gregorio Paltrinieri will most likely require Sun to break 14.40 to take the title. Sun has yet to break the 15 minutes barrier this year and therefore may be a stretch to land the gold ahead of the rising Australian and Italian youngsters.

The 400m on the other hand may provide the race of the meet. Whilst Mack Horton has the fastest time in the world this year at 3:42.84, Sun still has a 3:40.14 best and if he we are to believe his coach, 90-95% of his peak performance will deliver Sun the gold medal.

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If Sun has a serious heart condition, he should not be swimming, especially not the distance events. If he doesn’t have a heart condition, he should not be swimming, due the the 2yr ban that he should be serving. He is the invisible swimmer, and shall remain so until Rio.

Rick Mears

I’ll be curious to see what he can do given his performances the past couple of years.


He most certainly doesn’t have a heart condition that would warrant trimetazidine. That’s for angina pectoris. Someone suffering from that would get chest pain walking up a hill and probably drop dead training like an Olympic gold medallist. He was clearly just taking it to maintain his cardiovascular capacity for harder training and it would certainly come in handy for a 1500m (or 400IM for Ye splitting faster in her final 100m than she did in her best 200m free). Clearly doping and they were likely using it in Beijing before it was banned

NM Coach


You obviously didn’t read the thread previously where I was told that the “reason” Ye could come home in the 400 IM like she did was not because of any doping or wrongdoings; it was because she can swim that first 300 easier than everyone else and THAT’S why she can split 58.6 at the end. Oh, and she also didn’t do a pull out on breast so she had more air and was fresher at the end of her race.

This was after my comment that the greatest female distance swimmer in history (Ledecky) can’t bring it home in a 58.6, therefore the suspicions of Ye are valid. I was crushed for even suggesting that!

I agree with what you’re saying!


Just wondering do either of you have any evidence against Ye Shiwen? Any evidence at all?


you dont need evidence to have an opinion. This is the internet not a trial court. I agree with their opinion. Their top sprint freestyler got caught doping in 2011 at the age of 18 and that means he had help and what happened to the people who helped him dope? I believe they are still doing it.


Doesn’t make it fair on the athlete though does it. She could well be as clean as anyone, but does being in the same team make them guilty by association? We’ve seen something similar in athletics with Mo Farah and the Salazar expose, he has been painted as a cheat when there is no evidence to suggest any wrong doing. Also lets not forget that these attacks on Ye Shiwen are not limited to comments sections of the internet, these have been highly publicized. These attacks must have effects on the athletes in question and it takes a strong will to overcome the impact they must have. On a completely separate note, how come Fina are one of the only… Read more »


whatever you say BILLBONG, you are always right.
Anyway a bad heart condition can be managed with medication. It,s just that the one he was using previously which was not banned before 2014 was added to the list in 2014.
Why is Justin Carlin not banned. He has failed doping drug tests twice. I mean TWICE.


Who does Justin Carlin swim for?


Just a little reminder, Sun’s personal best in 200 free is a 1:44.47 with breaking the Asia Record on the 12th National Games in September 2013.


From his instagram pictures, he looks quite muscular and jovial Surely this coming meet will be his determination(mentally) to prove his critics wrong and win back his support from his homeground and those who cares.He should be able to win four golds and with better timings in 200M and 400M than Barcelona 2013. A Reborn rising SUN !!!

Rick Mears

Old news….

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