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November 22nd, 2021 Industry

Courtesy of Summer League Swimming, a SwimSwam partner.

At its core, swimming is all about having fun.

At Summer League Swimming, we’ve taken care of all of the ins and outs of running a team or league so you can focus on what’s important.

We want to help you provide a safer, fun environment so more children and adults can fall in love with the sport of swimming.

At many levels, swimming can be an intimidating sport to outsiders – high-stress, high-commitment, high-cost. When swimmers participate on your local summer swim team, it is the perfect introduction for families who want to get to know the sport before jumping all the way into the deep end.

Who Is Swimming League Swimming?

Summer League Swimming is the only organization with a comprehensive youth protection program to serve 3-4 million summer league and recreational swimmers… and our decades of experience offers unmatched quality. Your kids deserve the best — and our safer summer program offers just that!

SLS is focused on making sure that you have the tools you need to make that experience the best one ever! Our goal is to enable you to introduce children from the ages of 5-18 to the sport of competitive swimming by providing fun, safer, and healthier league environments. Local summer swim leagues provide enriching experiences to the children and parents, both on the deck and throughout their lives.

When you have Summer League Swimming in your lane, all you have to do to create great experiences is…JUST ADD WATER!

What We Offer

SLS is the national organization dedicated to providing quality resources to summer swim teams and leagues throughout the United States.

In order to provide summer league teams with all of their needs, we offer a swimming-specific coach certification course, thorough background checks, and insurance through our Safer Summer Program.

Coach Certification

Great swimmers start with great coaches. Our Coach Certification Course helps coaches learn and grow in their craft so they can become great leaders.

The SLS coach certification course is tailored specifically to summer league swim coaches. While our course was created by the Positive Coaching Alliance, we added a splash of summer league by including the best practices used by the best summer league coaches and teams. Do you want more? Our course is hosted by Olympic swimmers!  Isn’t that the best?!

Background Checks

Have confidence your swimmer is safer with us. We offer nothing less than advanced Level 2 Background checks for your peace of mind.

With over 1,200 background check companies in the United States, it can be overwhelming to know which company to trust.  We have put in the effort to make it easy for you to offer quality, affordable background checks for everyone in your organization.


Our comprehensive insurance program provides you with general liability and excess accident protection, sexual abuse and molestation coverage, as well as defense against any false claims.

As a seasonal sport with many volunteers, the risks involved with summer league swimming may not be apparent. That is why SLS has put together an insurance program that benefits not only swim league members and participants, but also coaches, volunteers, officials, and staff.

Swimming should be fun, swimming should be memorable, and swimmers should be safe.

When your coaches are Summer League Swimming Coach Certified and your organization gains background-checked leaders, you can rest easy knowing you have been provided top quality role models for your summer athletes.

Summer League Swimming is a perfect entry point to the sport for kids who still want to be kids. It’s a lower-pressure, less-demanding arena where young swimmers can experience all that the sport has to offer while still being able to participate in all the other joys of summer.

Are You Starting A Summer League?

Reach out to Summer League Swimming and let’s discuss what you need to start or rescue a swimming league/team—no matter where in the United States you’re located. Contact us today.


About Summer League Swimming

Summer League Swimming is the only organization with a comprehensive youth protection program to serve 3-4 million summer league and recreational swimmers, and our decades of experience provides unmatched quality.

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