Stingray Swim Club Lip Dub Bohemian Rhapsody

Courtesy of Stingray Swim Club:

What started out as a make-­‐shift video thrown together at the last minute turned into a show-­‐stopping, laugh-­‐out-­‐loud re-­‐enactment that brought the crowd to its feet at the Cayman Islands Swimming Federation’s annual Gala Fundraiser.

Members, young and old, of Stingray Swim Club in the Cayman Islands threw together what is sure to delight audiences everywhere with their silly antics and fully bought-­‐in performances. Coaches Andy Copley and Ryan Mushin, who also make cameo’s in the video, couldn’t believe how it all came together.

“We chose the song thinking everybody would know a lot of the lyrics,” said Mushin, “but as it turned out, maybe two or three kids on the entire team had even heard of Bohemian Rhapsody. Makes their performance a little bit cooler, if you ask me.”

“They all bought in to the idea without hesitation,” Copley added, Head Coach of the club. “I think it helped that they knew filming the video meant cutting down on a beastly lactate set. Fortunately for them it was all done in one take and we still had time for our main set.”

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7 years ago


Reply to  brendan
7 years ago

I love it!!

4 years ago

I know it was a long time ago and non of you probably don’t remember me but I remember all of you. I left the club to go back to England.????

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