Sprinter Kaleigh McGrady Verbally Commits to WashU

Kaleigh McGrady, who trains with Dynamo Swim Club and attends Dunwoody High School in the Atlanta area, has announced her verbal commitment to Washington University in St. Louis.

McGrady is a sprint freestyler, and she competed at the Georgia 1-5A High School Championships in 2016 as a sophomore. There, she placed 5th in the 100 freestyle, and anchored Dunwoody High School’s 200 free relay (24.24) to a state championship. She also anchored Dunwoody’s 400 free relay to a state title.


  • 50y free – 24.27
  • 100y free – 52.78
  • 50m free – 27.83
  • 100m free – 59.98
  • 200y IM – 2:09.82

McGrady will start up with WashU in the fall. The Bears are a powerhouse program in the NCAA’s Division III– last year, they were able to place 6th at the NCAA D3 Championships. Her best time in the 50 free would’ve landed her in the B final at the 2017 UAA Conference Championships, not far off of the 23.92 it took to make the A final. In the 100 free, she would’ve also made the UAA B final last year, again not very far off of the 52.40 it took to make the A final in prelims.

WashU just graduated two of their four 200 free relay legs, as well as one of their 400 free relay legs from the 2017 NCAA Champs. Both relays scored in the A final. McGrady could be a candidate to join the relays, especially considering two additional members of the 400 free relay from last year’s NCAAs are now seniors and will have graduated before McGrady gets to campus.

super blessed & excited to announce my verbal commitment to swim at Washington University in St. Louis! huge thanks and love to my family, friends, & coaches for getting me here! go bears!!! ❤️??

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Steve Swims

Heck I would go there just because of her!

Swimmer Thieroff

That’s pretty [email protected]&king creepy bro. And that’s coming from a frequent SwimSwam troll.


Some young women might be flattered to read that an anonymous stranger of indeterminate age on the internet wants to follow them to college, but my guess is the majority of them would be weirded out by this. I ignored you the first time I saw you make a comment like this on a female commitment article, but now there’s a pattern. It was pretty tame, by internet standards, and so is this, but I have to say it makes me uncomfortable to think that you’re patrolling the commitments articles so that you can creep on teenage girls and make comments like this. Your comments show what you value in female swimmers, and it has nothing to do with times… Read more »


come on guys you need to chill your t…
steve made a simple comment which implies he finds that girl attractive. again… *attractive*, nothing more nothing less.

people can find anyone attractive they want and also say it cheez. a 25 year old man can say another 65 yo man is*attractive*… even if hes hetero and into women of his age.

you guys are like somebody says “its a beautiful day” and you scream “omg hes prolly a perv trying to make out with a calender” or something like that.

theres a line between complimenting and being creepy and that comment was so far from that line.

Nathan Smith

Yo Swim Swam, does this IP address trace back to Alabama?

Maybe we could give her some compliments on her swimming ability or choice of college, since this is an article about a college commitment on a swimming website.


yo nathan why dont you compliment on her swimming? also notice i neither complimented her on her swimming OR her look, only made a comment about other comments.
also thanks for believing my native language would be english, im flattered.
idk much (anything actually) about alabama, but sounds like there would be some prejudice against it coming from your side.
but i guess thats ok, after all, rn you are a great hero standing up against evil doers right? lmao




This is more like catcalling ‘Hey Beautiful’ than saying ‘Its a beautiful day’. But even while telling someone they’re beautiful is generally a compliment, context matters. Sure I like hugs from friends and family, but I don’t want some random stranger hugging me on the street just because the stranger feels like they are entitled to a hug from me. That’s what catcalling feels like. It’s not about what the recipient wants, its about what the offender wants without regard for the recipient. We can reasonably assume that when someone is announcing their college choice, they’re probably not looking for comments on their looks.

Aggie Swim Fan

Just refer to the number of “thumbs down” you’ve gotten on your comment. That alone should say something (btw; sorry I can’t vote “thumbs down” to it twice or more or I would).

Aggie Swim Fan

Can’t believe 7 people posted a “ thumbs up” to this remark!


Just to get on the real topic of the article… Congrats to Kaleigh! Got to meet her through the recruiting trail and she is a great young woman and joining one of my old club swimmers at Wash U. They will make a good sprint duo next year! Great pick up for the Bears.

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