Sources: Trembley Dismissal Involved Inappropriate Personal Use of University Resources

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 3

January 05th, 2012 College

After meeting with the University of Tennessee Police Chief Gloria Graham this morning, the Knoxville Police Department had no comment on the case yet, we did get an important clue about what the nature of the investigation against fired Tennessee men’s swim coach John Trembley might be.

The meeting involved Knoxville Police Department Investigator Richard Giammarino, and a quick google search reveals that Giammarino is typically involved in cases of financial fraud and other related crimes. Past cases that Giammarino has investigated include a well-known identity-theft ring referred to as the “Felony Lane Gang”. The above-linked Knoxville News Sentinel Article confirms this as Giammarino’s area of expertise.

Those areas of expertise would fit, in part, with what sources have told us the dismissal and ensuing investigation may be surrounding – namely the inappropriate personal use of University resources.

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9 years ago

So, nothing salacious here. Likely a good old fashioned dip-into-the-petty-cash-box money scandal. Yawn. Maybe if he looks in the pockets of his other jeans he’ll find receipts.

Josh (the original)
9 years ago

According to reports I’ve read, this guy is earning roughly 180k a year as it is, which is pretty much a windfall for a swim coach, so there has to be more to this than greed. Something isn’t adding up.

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