Shark Swimming Trunks Launch In 2013

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Shark, the swimwear designer and producer based in London, is pleased to announce it has officially begun trading.

At Shark, we believe that what you do in training counts for 99 per cent of the race. Therefore, what you choose to wear in training is as important – if not more – than what you choose to race in.

We pride ourselves on using the highest quality Italian fabrics for our Shark Trunks, which are constructed with the same material for both the inner lining and the outside in order to provide maximum comfort. Our robustly designed trunks are long lasting and able to withstand continuous, day-­‐in-­‐day-­‐out usage.

Shark’s designs are modern, iconic, and eminently recognisable. As Sharks business expands it aims to grow its uniquely designed range with a wide variety of bright and contrasting designs.

Furthermore, at Shark we believe that opening your new swimming gear should feel akin to opening a present. That’s why we lovingly package every item in our cool foil bags, and then tie the tags on by hand.

Darren Stewart, CEO and Founder of Shark Swimwear, commented:

“We here at Shark are very proud to be launching our swimwear brand. We aim to design and produce swimwear of that is unique and of the highest quality that ensures every performance is your best.”

shark swimwear block banner adAbout Shark

Shark is a swimwear designer and distributor based in London, England. Shark aims to provide high quality swimwear that is not only functional and robust but also iconic in design. Founded in March 2013 by Darren Stewart, a former competitive swimmer and design graduate, Shark sources the highest quality Italian fabrics for our products. This ensures comfort, style, and performance that will mean you are at your best every time you get in the water. Shark not only provides one-­‐of-­‐ a-­‐kind products and design, but also employs an instantly recognisable marketing approach that commissions world-­‐ famous artists for the sketch scenes used in our offline and online marketing material.

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7 years ago

The image I am getting is not good.

I will need to enrol in re education camp to associate England & buttocks & Italian stretch & buttocks.

I shall be gone for some time I think.

Before anyone cries racist – I own lime green Hilly sox from England. Hard to beat English sox.

Reply to  Jg
7 years ago


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