Serbia’s Biggest Swim Star Milorad Cavic Fires Warning to Arkady Vyatchanin Over Federation Misdealings

Milorad “Mike” Cavic is still Serbia’s best-known swimmer, despite being two-plus years into retirement, and so his words on the federation that he once represented still carry some weight.

Late on Wednesday night, after World Record holder Arkady Vyatchanin and the Serbian Swimming Federation announced that they were seeking status for Vyatchanin to represent Serbia internationally (he was formerly Russian, more here), Cavic took to his Twitter to warn Vyatchanin on the decision.

Cavic’s Tweets, which are in their completeness below, read (in prose form): “Arkady Vyatchanin, I understand your reasons for leaving the Russian Swim Fed, but I ask you to consider other federations before the Serbian Swimming Federation. The Serbian Swimming Federation is plagued with corruption, incompetence, and its president should sooner face prison than to make one more decision in the interest of Serbian swimming. At this moment, Arkady, the Serbian Swimming Federation is writing checks it can’t cash and promises it won’t keep. You may find yourself a swimming nomad for the 2nd time.”

Cavic sent the message out to his more-than-41,000 Twitter followers and repeatedly tagged Vyatchanin, who is essentially his peer in age, and the Serbian federation.

Vyatchanin replied later that night (Tweet also below) that “this isn’t about money” and “don’t tell me about corruption,” in an apparent reference to his dealings in Russia.

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wave rider

Maybe he should try Iceland like Bobby Fischer.

shots fired!


It is true that corruption is prevalent in all sports organization in Eastern Europe, not only Serbia. It is also true that Cavic cannot adjust to his post-swimming role and expects still to be treated like God. Not in country where people are trying to make ends meet every month. I think he left Serbia few month ago and he is now back in USA. He started a swimming academy and as I predicted on SwimSwam, he folded it very quickly. Running a swim club is difficult everywhere, not only in Serbia, but ex swim champions are not typically prepared to work that hard. I am sure national organization lied to him and did not keep their promises, but he… Read more »


You made a type-o.
Paragraph 2: “Cavic took to his Twitter to warn Cavic on the decision.”

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