Scoring Out The 2015 NCAA DI Psych Sheet – Men’s Edition

**Update: We accidentally gave Texas’ points to Texas A&M while scoring out the 200 freestyle relay. The projected scores have been corrected.

Yesterday, the NCAA released their pre-cut sheets for the 2015 Men’s NCAA Championships.  At the NCAA Championships, only the top 16 swimmers and relays will score points in their respective events.

After scoring out the meet without diving, The USC Trojans are the favorite to win the met by 3 points over the Texas Longhorns.  Southern California’s freestyle group led by Cristian Quintero might be one of the best we’ve seen in years. Even with major holes in the individual medleys as well as the 200 backstroke, USC’s 100, 200, and 500 freestyle groups are projected to score big points with at least two swimmers in each A final.

Eddie Reese and the Longhorns will look to find a way to add an 11th NCAA championship to the schools history. Texas is projected to score in every event outside of the 100 breaststroke in Iowa City.  Look for Eddie’s Fly group to make some noise as the butterfly quartets are projected to score 52 points in the 200 butterfly as well as an astounding 56 points in the 100 butterfly.

The meet is going to be very tight with the top 7 teams all projected to finish within 75 points of each other. Without diving added in, Florida is expected to finish third with 317.5 points and the 2013 National Champions from Michigan are expected to finish fourth with 310 points.

NC State will need to capitalize on their relays this year if they want to stay in the running for a top 5 finish this year. They looked strong last year as well, but a few unfortunate relay disqualifications really hurt them at the NCAA Championships.

The defending NCAA champions from the University of California are projected on paper to finish sixth in Iowa.  Expect Dave Durden to have the Cal Bears ready in  two weekends to out-perform their seed times as they have in their previous 3 national championship runs.

This list will change around a little bit once diving scores can be added in. With three diving events at the NCAA Championships, a good diver or two can make a huge impact.

Below is a breakdown of the points awarded for each event at the NCAA Championships:

A Final Points For Individual Events

1. 20 (40 relays)
2. 17 (34 relays)
3. 16 (32 relays)
4. 15 (30 relays)
5. 14 (28 relays)
6. 13 (26 relays)
7. 12 (24 relays)
8. 11 (22 relays)

B Final Points For Individual Events

1. 9 (18 relays)
2. 7 (14 relays)
3. 6 (12 relays)
4. 5 (10 relays)
5. 4 (8 relays)
6. 3 (6 relays)
7. 2 (4 relays)
8. 1 (2 relays)

This list is based off of the NCAA’s Pre-cut sheet published this morning.  Click here to view that psych sheet.  The 2015 Men’s NCAA Championships will be held from March 26-28, 2015 at the Campus Recreation & Wellness Center in Iowa City, Iowa.

Rank Team Points
1 Southern Cali 336
2 Texas 333
3 Florida 317.5
4 Michigan 310
5 NC State 290.5
6 California 261.5
7 Georgia 260.5
8 Auburn 225
9 Alabama 209.5
10 Stanford 146
11 Tennessee 126
12 Louisville 76
13 Indiana 74
14 Missouri 72
15 Ohio St 54.5
16 Wisconsin 54
17 Arizona 47
18 UNC 44.5
19 Princeton 33.5
20 Georgia Tech 32
21 South Carolina 30
22 UNLV (M) 27
T23 Northwestern 26
T23 Penn St 26
25 Duke 22
26 Brigham Young 20
27 Univ of Utah 18
28 Florida St 16.5
29 Penn 13
30 Iowa 11
31 Virginia 10
32 Columbia 9
33 Virginia Tech 8
T34 Purdue 6
T34 Yale 6
36 WKU 5.5
37 Texas A&M 3.5
38 Minnesota 2.5
39 Notre Dame 1.5
40 Arizona St 0.5
T41 Air Force (M) 0
T41 Buffalo 0
T41 Cal Poly 0
T41 Cleveland St 0
T41 Cornell 0
T41 CSUB (M) 0
T41 Davidson 0
T41 Delaware 0
T41 Denver 0
T41 East Carolina 0
T41 Eastern Mich 0
T41 Fla Atlantic (M) 0
T41 Harvard 0
T41 Hawaii (M) 0
T41 Kentucky 0
T41 LSU 0
T41 Missouri St. (M) 0
T41 Oakland 0
T41 Pittsburgh 0
T41 So. Methodist 0
T41 U.S. Navy 0
T41 UCSB 0
T41 West Virginia 0
T41 Wyoming (M) 0

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5 years ago

Thanks for this, so far it confirms my gut feeling of the top 5-10 teams clustered near the top this year then trailing off sharply, compared with other years when there seemed to be only 2-3 favorites. But would you guys consider adding in the diving using the points won at conferences? I know it wouldn’t be as accurate as times are, given that points are subjective, but it would give a better sense of which teams start to separate themselves a bit more with diving added in, than this does. If you used conference scores, at least it narrows down the number of panels of judges to a significantly lower number than the number if you used points in… Read more »

Reply to  liquid4theBears
5 years ago

The zone meets are still going on right now. When the zone meets are finished and we knew who has been invited to the meet, we can then try to add in diving points. At this point we don’t even know what teams will have divers. Texas is also another sticky situation because they have 17 swimmers and 3 divers that qualified out of zones last night. We will not know if their staff chooses to leave behind their 3rd diver or their 17th swimmer until later on.

Reply to  Tony Carroll
5 years ago

No Sticky situation for Texas. 16 swimmers and 3 divers going for the Horns. Swimmer #17 is already making Spring Break plans!!

Reply to  liquid4theBears
5 years ago

USC just qualified its 4th men’s diver at the Zone E meet today.
Braden or Tony, how many swimmers qualified for the USC men? Did you post the swimmers per school yet?

5 years ago

Wow! Looks like it’s going to be a close scoring meet, sure to be exciting. Really wish they awarded a title to the best swim team, best dive team and best overall. I see it as unfair to those great Miami (FL) diving squads that placed top 10 as an overall team without swimmers. They would have been team diving champs a couple times. And the best swim team would be settled by races. By no means separate them from the same meet/weekend and still do a combined title.

Reply to  Stoobie
5 years ago

If you split the awards, you wouldn’t necessarily get the best swim team, only the team that invested the least in diving or vice versa. The great thing few seem to understand or want to admit is that it is a swimming and diving TEAM competition, not teams. You can build your team anyway you want with 9.9 scholarships and let the best team win. i.e. If IU did not invest anything in diving they would be much better on the swim side; but to just subtract diving from their score would be comparing apples to oranges. If you want to argue that the sports should be completely separate on all counts that would be a different story, but you… Read more »

Reply to  Pythagoras
5 years ago

Simple to just keep the swimming scholarship cap at 9 or 9.9 and dedicate 2 – 2.5 to a diving team. I understand the point about using your 9.9 to build your team anyway you want, but I’m looking at it as different sports and want to create more opportunities. I would also take it a step further and include water polo into the weekend, but recognize that some athletes compete on both the polo and swim teams.

Reply to  stoobie
5 years ago

I suggest combining women’s volleyball with gymnastics and then capping their scholarships. Divide the volleyball matches into 3rds and hold a gymnastic event during each break (uneven bars, floor, pommel horse). Combine the points and we will see who the “Masters of the Gym” really are.

5 years ago

The defending champs Cal only at 6th…. WOW will this be a competitive meet this year!

Reply to  Sophie
5 years ago

I like that idea too, and it wouldn’t be a big deal to change it; the only extra cost I can think of is the cost of a few more trophies, no?