Russian Hackers Leak Medical Info of Simone Biles, Venus, Serena

The New York Times is reporting that a group of Russian hackers have compromised the World Anti-Doping Agency’s systems, leaking the medical information of tennis stars Serena Williams and Venus Williams and Rio gold medal gymnast Simone Biles. 

The leaked documents showed that the three athletes received medical exemptions for drugs on the WADA banned list.

In a statement today, the WADA confirmed that the hackers belong to Russian cyber espionage group known as Fancy Bear. The group is thought to be connected with the Russian military intelligence agency suspected of stealing documents from the U.S. Democratic National Committee.

The group has threatened to release more of the confidential medical data.

“WADA condemns these ongoing cyber-attacks that are being carried out in an attempt to undermine WADA and the global anti-doping system,” said WADA General Director Olivier Niggli. “WADA has been informed by law enforcement authorities that these attacks are originating out of Russia,” he continued. “Let it be known that these criminal acts are greatly compromising the effort by the global anti-doping community to re-establish trust in Russia further to the outcomes of the Agency’s independent McLaren Investigation Report,” Niggli continued.

The New York Times did not name the exact drugs revealed in the leak (for privacy reasons), but Biles wrote on Twitter that her medication was prescribed for ADHD.

USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny confirmed to the New York Times that Biles’ medication was pre-approved.

“Simone has filed the proper paperwork,” he said. “Simone and everyone at USA Gymnastics believe in the importance of a level playing field for all athletes.”

The WADA orginally announced on September 1st that they had been the victims of daily cyber attacks from a group of Russian hackers.

A spokesperson for President Vladimir Putin told the New York Times that the Kremlin was not behind the attacks.

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Fancy Bear….I know this is a serious article but this is just hilarious that the russian military is somehow connected to a group of aristocratic bear hackers


Does this mean that WADA has weak security measures? or could fancy bears hack most medical data?

Attila the Hunt

Russian hackers have been rated the most sophisticated in the world.
Fancy Bears have hacked DNC emails; FBI and CIA both have warned Fancy Bears will hack voting machines come November.
Do you seriously think WADA stood a chance?


“Russian hackers have been rated the most sophisticated in the world.” — Vlad Putin. Hacking DNC emails is not that great of an achievement.

Attila the Hunt

Just because I mentioned only the hacked DNC emails doesn’t mean it’s the only thing they’ve hacked.
You are seriously behind the news by a couple of years. Your sarcasm shows how ignorant you are.
Look it up.
According to Snowden, the Russians have even hacked the NSA.
Again, it’s not the only thing they’ve done.


You are seriously addicted to the news and believe every single thing you’re fed. Hence your blow by blow “facts” about the Lochte Rio incident that didn’t hold up to scrutiny. I’m sure Snowden is THE most reliable source for facts. He’s trying to get a Presidential pardon, for crying out loud.

Attila the Hunt

So you don’t believe that Russia is not good at hacking? what do you believe in?
That Russian hackers are feeble?

Again, it’s not only Snowden who said that.
A group hacked the most powerful and entity given the name of “the equation” and released the files of most sophisticated hacking and snooping methods ever.
Kaspersky said the equation is most likely CIA, and the hacker group originates from Russia.
Again, this is not the only evidence to point out how sophisticated Russian hackers are.
Outside of USA, only China and maybe Israel that can match Russian hackers.

Look it up. You seem to have just woken up from 2 years coma.

And what Lochte got to do with this?

Attila the Hunt

Doc (sorry, but you reminds me of bugs bunny doc), Lochte lied. And drunk.

No need to defend him. Or to drag Lochte into ever conversation.
He’s been given sanction.

Bo swims

Can’t hack paper ballots. Maybe old school is better


The 2000 election says otherwise


The world is laughing at the US on this . What happened to the US IT superiority .Cannot Silicon Valley help out here . Oh thats right they are in the arms of the DNC whom those backward Russians hacked too .Ok at least it was not by the Nth Koreans .


The world is laughing at the US on this . What happened to the US IT superiority .Cannot Silicon Valley help out here . Oh thats right they are in the arms of the DNC whom those backward Russians hacked too .Ok at least it was not by the Nth Koreans .

Sergey v

How interesting that so many top american athletes have ADHD that conveniently require the help of banned substances.

I suggest athletes from other nations to follow suit and apply for TUE for those banned pills.


I’m not sure if your American or not but, America has a problem with the over prescribing of medications in general, not just to athletes. Its a bigger issue.

Not saying that Simone and the Williams Sisters arent in need of whatever they’re taking but, i wanna make the point that ADHD medication in America is very common.


This is a good point, especially regarding ADHD meds. These meds are very commonly used, so it’s not terribly surprising that some athletes might have a history of stimulant use for either a correct or incorrect ADHD diagnosis. Simone says she was diagnosed as a child. Not only is that not uncommon, children like Simone who have parents with drug abuse issues or who have been in foster care are more likely to be diagnosed with adhd. While it’s thought ADHD might be underdignosed in certain sub populations, other problems like thyroid and nutritional abnormalities or trauma are supposed to be ruled out as part of the diagnostic workup, but they often aren’t, leading to potential issues with over prescribing… Read more »


That’s all good, but if we’re all honest, he has a point. Professional athletes generally seem to be at a higher likelihood of requiring medications and various ailments to control various problems. We saw it with Sharapova, the medication she was prescribed (legally) for 10 years before it was banned was generally prescribed to people with serious health issues (ischemia related). We all jumped up and shouted about “how could a professional athlete need such medication?”, right? Now, I’m not doubting that Simone Biles has ADHD. It’s an awful disorder that has affected my extended family. However, anybody who has been in contact with an ADHD person knows some of the symptoms of the disorder; Inattentive – Can’t concentrate on… Read more »


Let’s talk about our sport, instead of ADHD in gymnastics or asthma in tennis.

Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD at 9 years old. He took stimulants for at least several years. His mom has been very open about this. For patients with bona fide ADHD, prescribed stimulants aren’t a crutch, any more than taking antibiotics for an infection to boost your immune/infectious response is.

There is pretty overwhelming scientific evidence that when ADHD is not treated with prescribed stimulants, the chances of substance abuse dramatically increase. I again give you Phelps.


Pleas don’t make light of people who suffer from ADHD. It was not until after I became a parent that I was diagnosed with ADHD. if only I had been diagnosed as a child or teenager it would have saved me from years of depression for not understanding why I would forget things or could not stop talking excessively, or making impulsive decisions. If I forget to take my meds it wrecks havoc on my children and husband lives. ADHD medication alters the chemicals in your brain so you can pay attention, help assist your thought process to slow down to prevent impulsivity.


Obviously u don’t understand the meaning of TUE and those are heavily scrutinized by WADA. As far as ADHD it is likely that a teenager might still be taking them at age 17-20. Since i know how this medication works in people with adhd since i have prescribed it a few times in my 21 yrs, it does slow down the hyperactivity as the individuals are wired differently. So slowing down those hyper individuals offers them no advantage at all. in the specific case of biles it was reported that her biological parents were drug addicts and it is possible she born with drugs in her system which significantly increases her risk of ADHD. As far as the athletes of… Read more »

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