Pro Talk: Performance-Enhancing Drugs

In part 2 of the Florida Swim Network’s “Pro Talk” series with Eric McGinnis, Roy Burch, and Elvis Burrows, the three talk about performance-enhancing drugs in sports.

While they don’t speak for all professional swimmers, they do echo what the most vocal portion of the group seems to call for – stiffer punishments, and fewer passes granted for accidental suspensions.

Thanks to Joe Auer of the Florida Swim Network for putting together this series. See part 1 of their series below:

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Did Eric McGinnis just admit to doping in this video?

Eric McGinnis

I should probably consider it. I wonder if Park Tae-hwan’s chiropractor is taking on new patients.

cut to the chase

how about that girl sprinter from ohio state that was kicked off the Chinese team for doping. get her out of the ncaa and give her scholarship to someone who deserves it

Tom from Chicago

I have always struggled with the Jessica Hardy “accidental” doping. I just don’t see how an elite level athlete accidentally takes a banned stimulant. I would like to think it was an accident, but my heart just doesn’t believe it and it bothers me because it feels like a cheater made the US Olympic team at the expense of an honest person. I must admit, I always resented her successes and bouncing around all-happy winning relays at Olympic or World Championship level. It always feels like her success comes at the expense of an honest hard working athlete. The same for Cesar Cielho. And now Park Tae Hwan. I know most of the athletes in professional cycling have been doping… Read more »

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