Practice + Pancakes: Nitro Caps Test Set with ‘Guess Your Time’

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I made the drive up to Cedar Park, Texas to see what Nitro Swim Club (Cedar Park location) was up to on a Thursday. They had a full slate of activities happening, starting with some pretty fun dry land. They had these long, plastic, yellow poles that they used to stretch which I thought were pretty awesome. But the best part was hands down (pun intended) the game of extreme head-shoulders-knees-and toes, which worked on reaction time as well as anatomy knowledge.

Once they got in, there were 3 workouts running all at once. However, each group would swim about 2,000, and then meet up to swim 4×50 @ roughly 3:00, all together, off the blocks. They did this for 2 rounds, and then finished with what was my favorite part of the day: guess your time.

Everyone did a dive 25, your choice of stroke and speed. You then guessed what you went to the tenth. If you were within .2 of what you went, you were done with practice. If you were .3 or more off, you had to go again. As you can see, there was a lot riding on your time management skills.

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Who are the coaches at Nitro these days? Was this their main site?


So this Practice + Pancakes, which showed the Nitro Swim Club swimmers playing guess your swim time, is sponsored by Form goggles, which displays your time!


Wonderful job as always Coleman. Just out of curiosity, are we going to see practice+pancakes from other club teams around Texas, such as Lakeside, NTN, and KATY? I know they are a bit further away, but they’ve had a lot of success recently, especially in their senior groups. It would be really cool to see how they train.

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