Phoenix, Arizona Swim Coach Arrested on Allegations of Sexual Abuse of a Child

Phoenix, Arizona swim coach Nathan Moore has been arrested by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO). The 42-year old Moore has been accused of sexual abuse and sexual conduct with a minor and is being held on a $100,000 bond. He was taken into custody on April 3rd and has a preliminary hearing set for April 13th.

Police opened an investigation on March 19th when a local parent made a complaint to the MCSO. The parent said she was told by her daughter that her daughter had been involved in a sexual relationship with Moore, who was her swim coach. According to the Sheriff’s office, the alleged abuse with the victim began when she was just 15 and lasted until she was 17.

The age of consent in Arizona is 18.

According to Maricopa County Superior Court Records, Moore has been charged with 14 felonies for incidents beginning in November of 2017 and continuing until January of 2019: 2 of those are charges of sexual abuse, and the other 12 are charges of sexual conduct with a minor.

Moore coached with several teams in the Phoenix area, including at Chaparral high school, the Scottsdale Aquatic Club, and as the head coach with the Life Time Arizona Swim Team and the Anthem Dolphins. Moore was listed as the senior coach with Desert Foothills Aquatics as recently as March 31st an archived version of the site shows. The site no longer lists him on their coaching staff.

Moore does not yet appear in the U.S. Center for Safe Sport’s national database of suspended and banned coaches.

MCSO says that they believe there could be more victims and have asked for anyone with more information to contact MCSO’s Special Victims Unit at 602-876-1011.

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None ya

Hey swim swam
Didn’t you just post an article about this guy a couple weeks ago?


Well, that got creepy.


Apparently not soon enough.


Article was posted on March 23 and he was arrested on April 3. From his quotes in the article he either was blindsided that the cops were after him or can sociopathically act like everything was fine.


I was just thinking, Scottsdale means Ruck might’ve swam under him

Nancy Pulham

I think Kevin Zacher was her coach previously when she trained in Scottsdale.


He was a coach at Scottsdale and had coached all of their elite girls to some extent. He also coached many of those girls to a high school state championship with Chap High School


I swam under him for awhile at SAC. He left Scottsdale Aquatics suddenly and started up LifeTime Swim. We would see him at high school meets and occasional club meets. Ruck did swim under him for high school but Kevin Zacher was her coach at SAC


Taylor’s head coach was Zacher, but as I said, most of the elite girls were coached to some extent by Nate. Nate assisted with Kevin’s practice group. I often watched him interact on the SAC deck with girls during meets and practices. A lot of the kids really liked him, but as a Mom, I never liked him. I used to wonder if he would be inappropriate. Every parent of a girl who swam for SAC, Lifetime, Chap, Anthem, etc should be asking their daughters about him.


what made him suspicious for you?


Mostly a Mom instinct. He had an arrogant jerk demeanor around me, and I watched him act like the “cool kid” with the swimmers – especially the girls. They seemed to really like him, which isn’t unusual for a good swim coach, but I felt as if he wanted to be the “go to” adult in the room. He always had an extra smile for them, but with me he was cool and distant. I could tell he had influence with many of the swimmers, which is a powerful thing and easily abused by those with bad intentions. I saw nothing to believe he would abuse that power, but enough to make me wonder.


So in your world, every arrogant jerk who doesn’t like you is a pedophile?

That’s gotta be stressful.


No. In my world, any grown man (or woman for that matter) who appears to seek the adoration of children but cannot look me in the eye and have a casual conversation is someone that I will watch a little more closely around my kids. There are a million nuances of social interaction, and I cannot possibly tell you all of the specific reasons Nate that made me alert (not accusatory). This is the best explanation that I can give. I can tell you that out of 15-20 swim coaches who have taught my kids, I have never felt that way about any of them until I met Nate.


100% agree w SWIMOM. I was a lap swimer at Lifetime North Scottsdale and observed this coach’s interaction with his Highschool age swimmers. Very much the “cool dude” with an arrogant demeanor towards other adults. One thing to add to previous comments is the lack of dress code on deck. All the girls wore VERY skimpy Jolyn 2 piece bikini swimsuits. Coach Nate himself would swim with the group, wearing a tiny purple speedo, which I thought very unprofessional – not to mention inappropriate behavior for a coach. Especially in a family club enviornment like Lifetime. There was no observable discipline or direction at these swim practices; it looked more like a social club


Oh ok, now the coach of every team that has Jolyns on deck is a pedophile. Got it.

Probably time to just go ahead and shut the sport down, then.


Trust your gut, don’t let your daughter get rides from your swim coach to workout and back home five days a week. Alone too Geez!


This isn’t the right way to look at it, Vic. This sounds like you’re blaming the parents when really you should be blaming the suspect. The parents are probably feeling really guilty right now but in the end, it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the coach’s actions.


You are right, sorry about that. It just sounds like it was a step away from a slumber party at the coaches house you know? Hope the girl grows up normally and something positive comes out of this.


Their gut probably didn’t pick up on anything. He probably presented himself as completely trustworthy and responsible toward them. He was a highly respected coach who was trusted by many. I hate that we live in a society where kids can’t hug their teachers, accept rides from their coaches, or be alone with their preachers. Many Olympic athletes wouldn’t have made it to practice when they were young if not for a caring coach who was willing to drive them. Your point is valid, but it’s sad that parents are expected to reject the help of the good people because of the very few who are bad. They thought Nate was good. They were wrong. It makes me so angry… Read more »


Yes I see your point. I hope this girl and family get justice and that things turn out for the best.

AZ Swimming

Wasn’t he most recently listed as the senior coach for desert foothills aquatics?


hes the one who started the team


No he swam under desert foothills when he left Anthem. He wasnt even a usaswim registered coach after he left Anthem.


Really makes you wish Wild West justice was an option in some crimes.

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