Phelps Says 200 Free ‘Doubtful’ In Father’s Day Video

On his first Father’s Day ever, 22-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps took to Facebook Live to document the special event with his fans. With fiancée Nicole Johnson and a delightfully cooing baby Boomer in the background, Phelps details how he’s taking the day to ‘just chill’ and spend some time with his little man.

With his semi-shaggy facial hair and perfectly sculpted shoulders, Phelps covers an array of topics in the 25-minute video. The comeback king’s recent workouts, Tempe weather, plan for Trials, along with several other personal and professional topics were on the table for discussion based on questions from fans.

Below the video, we’ve captured significant quotes and snippets from the GOAT headed into Omaha:


  • MP confirms he and his squad are in dial-down mode, saying, “We’ve been tapering for the last week or so.”
  • He says, “I don’t know what my first event will be. I don’t know if I’m going to swim the 200 free or if the 200 fly will be my first event.” Phelps reiterates his feelings on the 200 free later in the video, saying, “I might swim it [200 free], but I doubt it.”
  • In a possibly chilling preview to what he’ll throw down in Omaha, Phelps says he cranked out a ‘1:47’ (!!!) broken 200 fly in practice yesterday….and he says it so casually!
  • He reminisces on how he’s been on the USA National Team for the last 15 years and has been swimming for almost 25 years. (Reminder – Phelps turns 31 on June 30th, right during Trials).
  • “Since I came back, this [Olympic Trials] is what I’ve been looking forward to”, says Phelps. “I’m not nervous, I’m excited, pumped to compete.”
  • The definition of a steely competitor, Phelps reiterates how he posts goals “so I know why I get out of bed every day.”


  • FYI, Phelps can rock the bed head look.
  • This weekend Nicole and Phelps were able to go out on their first date since Boomer’s birth, courtesy of sister Whitney Phelps being in town. She makes a cameo in the video towards the end.
  • Phelps comments on the heat in Tempe, saying he easily drinks at least 3L of water a day in the 115 degree heat. He says he also drinks Pedialyte for electrolyte replenishment.
  • As for pre-race meals, Phelps sticks to the basics, saying he usually eats “fruit and oatmeal or a bagel.”
  • Phelps’ love of golf and basketball comes through as he make several predictions on the U.S. Open and comments on Steph Curry.
  • He also emits his love for dogs, giving us a run-down on his Frenchie, Legend, who makes an appearance within the post.
  • Commenting on the Zika virus and its impact in Rio, Phelps says, “I’m not worried about it for me or for Nicole.” He says Boomer will be at Trials and also hopefully the Olympics, should Dad make the team.

First date night since we became mommy & daddy ???? thanks to Boomers Auntie Whitney and Uncle Larry for babysitting!

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He seems so chill! Excited to see how that translates at trials, though I hope he gets more sleep before trials.

Joel Lin

He’s going to crush it at Trials.

bobo gigi

Hopefully. But especially in Rio! 😎


It is so cool to see the Michael Phelps happy, relaxed, in a loving relationship, cuddling with his baby, visiting with family and getting licked by his dog! Remember how guarded and unhappy he always seemed during interviews in the past, especially 2009-2012? This seems like a different person! I want MP to swim fast like any other fan, but no matter what happens in Omaha/Rio he will always be the GOAT, so I’m happy I got to see a happy ending for my swimming hero! 🙂

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