Phelps Footage: Taiwanese Media Mad NBC Won’t Share

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Taiwanese media are a litte upset NBC won’t share footage of Michael Phelps’ 4×200 free relay gold, his 19th, making him the greatest Olympian of all-time.  Anger has apparently built to the point that Next Media Animation (the Taiwan branch) produced the video above.

While there’s subtitles, I still don’t fully understand the narrative. Do the Taiwanese think Phelps is “very attractive,” or is the animated Subway-Sandwich-head an indication they think he’s not? Clearly, they see him as dophlin-like, because of his aquatic skills, they point out he’s a “white male,” and they obviously see NBC as greedy.

If anyone has any further insight, please share. 

Next Media Animation is a Taiwan-based subsidiary of Next Media, a Hong Kong media conglomerate, which creates humorous CGI-animated coverage of recent news stories. The shorts were originally narrated in Mandarin and subsequently subtitled in English; more recent ones are released with both Chinese and English narration.

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The screen-cap on the video looks to be him jamming a turn.

The sandwich-head I think means that he’s very attractive except for his face.

It’s always like this. See the report about TSA security:


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