Paltrinieri Wins 4K Open Water Race In Melbourne

Reigning 1500m freestyle Olympic gold medalist and two-time world champion Gregorio Paltrinieri of Italy continues to find success in his recent expansion into open water, winning a 4km race in Melbourne over the weekend.

Clocking in a time of 35:57, the 23-year-old came in over three minutes clear off closest competitors, as Australians Lucas Tucker (39:07) and Josh Doherty (39:49) took 2nd and 3rd.

Translated from Italian, Paltrinieri was quoted as saying “It was a great test, and it confirms that the condition is growing, I started off strong, making the most of the current in favor, and I arrived at the finish, not particularly tired”.

Paltrinieri hinted that he was considering attempting to swim both pool and open water at the 2020 Olympics after the 2017 World Championships wrapped up, and proceeded to win gold in the 10k later in the summer at the World University Games.

In September the Italian made a move to Australia to train with fellow distance star Mack Horton in Melbourne for six months, looking to switch things up a bit in the lead-up to Tokyo 2020.

In addition to this 4k event, Paltrinieri has raced Horton head-to-head in a pair of shorter open water events while down under, placing 2nd to his training partner in the 2km Whitehaven race in November, and taking 3rd in the 1.2 km Lorne Pier to Pub race in January.

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Please correct me if my math is wrong… but: 35:57seconds/4 kilometers = 2157 seconds/4000 meters.

2157 seconds/4000 meters = 0.53925 seconds/meter.
So, if this were a 1500m race… 0.53925 seconds/meter * 1500meters = 808.86 seconds.
808.86 seconds = 13:28.20 for a 1500.

This doesn’t seem right, otherwise he is almost a minute ahead of the world record?
AND this is open water… without turns… any.

Or a simpler way of calculating it: 35.57 rounded to 36.00… /4…. 9 minutes/1000 meters… (x1.5) …. 1500 meters = 13.5 minutes



“not even tired.”


It’s a tide assisted swim. Plus I’m assuming he was wearing a wetsuit.

Coach John

it’s open water… there are currents and waves and tides etc


Or the course is shorter than advertised. People do marathons and triathlons wearing gps watches
and it’s pretty common that the course is not the advertised distance

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