Olympic Silver Medalist Steele Johnson Undergoes Another Foot Surgery

by Spencer Penland 0

February 13th, 2019 Big Ten, College, News

Purdue diving senior and 2016 Rio olympic Synchronized 10-meter Diving Silver medlaist Steele Johnson has reported that he underwent a another surgery in NYC last week. Johnson had returned to training in the Fall following a foot surgery after he had to sit out a big chunk of the 2017-2018 season due to a stress fracture in his right foot. Here is our reporting on his return to training earlier this season.

Johnson posted this tweet concerning why he was in NYC:

He then posted this video of him leaving the hospital a couple days later. Though Johnson has not yet provided details on the surgery, the fact that he has a cast on his right foot in the video indicates that either the first surgery was unsuccessful, or he re-injured his foot.

Johnson scored 44 of Purdue’s 54 points at last year’s NCAAs, and was poised to be just as good this year on a Purdue squad that might be the most high-level NCAA men’s diving squad ever. Purdue has been ranked between 16th and 17th in our Men’s Power Rankings throughout this season, but the loss of Johnson is a huge blow to their scoring ability.

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