Olympic Medalist Bruno Fratus Undergoes Meniscus Surgery

With the Paris Olympic Games now 150 days away, Brazilian speedster Bruno Fratus has undergone knee surgery.

34-year-old Fratus said on social media that ‘Meniscus has left the chat’, indicating that the specific cartilage was involved in the operation.

According to his social media post, Fratus said, “High performance is f💀cking, one hour the body pays the price of years of abuse and beating…

“In these hours the clear purpose in the athlete’s head is what holds the composure.

“I have to leave here my thanks to @timebrasil, to @ecpinheiros and all my technical committee who spare no effort to make me recover as soon as possible, there are a lot of good people working hard!”

After the procedure, Fratus told SwimSwam, “Eventually when you’re pushing your body to the limit for the last 20+ years things are gonna hurt.

“The body is now paying the price for years of beating.”

Producing a positive perspective, Fratus continued, “I see these injuries as the proof I left everything I’ve got in the water and pushed way beyond my limits for a purpose I saw when I was just a child who enjoyed being in the water.”

Fratus earned bronze in the men’s 50m freestyle event at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The Brazilian Swimming Trophy, which represents the Paris qualifying competition, is set for May 6th through May 11th. That means Fratus has fewer than 70 days to get back to form in order to try to repeat as medalist in Paris.

Fratus clocked a time of 22.82 in the men’s 50m freestyle at the 2023 Jose Finkel Trophy last November. He’ll need to hit at least a time of 21.96 as well as a top-2 finish in order to qualify for this year’s Olympic Games.

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Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel
1 month ago

Now I plan to re-enjoy the delirium that Bruno Fratus exhibited at Tokyo!

Reply to  Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel
1 month ago

Brazil is without any strong swimmers in the 50m freestyle at the moment. It is even easy to qualify even with a B time instead of an A. If Fratus has a minimum of physical condition, it is quite possible to go to Paris 2024.

Do you ever wonder, like
1 month ago

Espero que fiques melhor Bruno! Eu espero ver você competindo em Paris, mas independente disso, Parabéns por tudo que você conquisto – por você mesmo e pela comunidade de natação no Brasil

David Zubero
1 month ago

Saving your special lane at the FLAC for you ! Speedy recovery like your sprinting !

1 month ago

Tbh i could realistically see a Tokyo podium redo in the 50 free happening, those three guys have been fast so many times
I’m not saying it’s likely, Ben and Cam have been on fire the last couple of years, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened

Emma Eckean
1 month ago

I think even if he qualifies for Paris (and that’s a big if) he won’t be competitive enough to get to a final and no medal chance.
I wish him the speediest of recovery’s

Andrew's Father
Reply to  Emma Eckean
1 month ago

Maybe a bit pessimistic as he’s been 21 more times than you can count.

Mean Dean
Reply to  Andrew's Father
1 month ago

Meniscus surgery recovery is no joke.

He’s elite, but I don’t even know if it would be in his best interests to attempt a comeback in time for Paris

1 month ago

Great dude but always having surgery. Is he a swimmer or basketball player? I wonder if some of these sprinters that are consistently injured are overdoing it in the weightroom or with dryland exercises

Reply to  mcswammerstein
1 month ago

i wouldnt overthink it tbh, dude has a lot of milage on his body at this point in his career

Reply to  mcswammerstein
1 month ago

The only knee injuries from swimming I’ve heard are tied to breakstrokers, which is understandable.

Bruno’s case has to be connected to his weight room training. I remember César Cielo having a knee injury and figured it was weight training after seeing videos of him Olympic lifting with weak form.

Reply to  TNM
1 month ago

I suffered a knee twist slipping on a wet sidewalk a couple years ago which developed into the rupture that took me to surgery last week.

Weights are heavy indeed, but developing over the top raw power was the way me and my team found to put out the fast swims we’ve been having in the last years.

Hope my case helps coaches and athletes to keep pursuing better, more efficient training methods.

Thanks for the kind words everybody, your support really helps me keep being in love for the sport.


Reply to  Bruno
1 month ago

My glorious king Bruno I love you more than any swimmer other than Manaudou and Seli

Reply to  Andrew
1 month ago

Fair enough, I’ll take the bronze medal to your heart.

Reply to  Bruno
1 month ago

The fact that you’ve swam the most 21’s in 50 free in history demonstrates the merits of your training regime.

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