Olympic Diver Steele Johnson Featured on ABC Show “To Tell the Truth”

Olympic silver medalist diver Steele Johnson was featured on a recent episode of the ABC show “To Tell the Truth”.

Johnson was a member of Team USA at the 2016 Olympics. While competing there, he won a silver medal in the 10m synchro competition alongside partner David Boudia.

At the age of 12, Johnson sustained a life-threatening head injury while performing a reverse 3​1⁄2 somersault in tuck position. After hitting his head on the platform, he was knocked unconscious and had to be rescued from the water by his coach. Luckily, Johnson only sustained a minor concussion as a result of the accident.

The show, which was rebooted in 2016 after its initial airing in 1956, is hosted by Anthony Anderson. On the show, a panel of celebrities try to guess the identity of a pick someone out of a group of 3 people based on a hint that they are given and by asking all three contestants questions relating to that hint.

In Johnson’s episode, the celebrities panelists included Jason Alexander, Dermot Mulroney, Amanda Seales and Abbi Jacobson. Additionally, Anderson and his mother, “Mama” also placed guesses as to who they believed it actually was.

Until his identity was revealed, Johnson was referred to as “contestant 3”.

Some of the questions that the panel asked included how to train for diving events and what the effects of Johnson’s almost career ending injury were. Under his alias, Johnson won approval from the crowd with comical answers to the questions.

When the celebrities were asked to place their votes on who they thought the actual Johnson was, all of them mentioned how they wanted it to be “contestant 3”, but none of them ended up voting for him. Instead, the majority of the panel selected “contestant 2”, who happened to be a dog walker, while the rest of them voted for “contestant 1”, who was really Yo-yo world champion Gentry Stein.

At the end of the segment, Johnson was asked to stand up and reveal himself, much to the approval of the crowd.


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3 years ago

I remember this kid fromBig 10 and NCAA in 2015. He was very popular with lady volunteers… And some us boys 😈.

Nice guy posed for pictures, and had a presence when he was introduced which reminded me of a rockstar. I was surprised he didn’t get more media attention in 2016, maybe these Olympics he will.

Reply to  Xman
3 years ago

I’ve never met him in person, but he always seemed like a cool guy to me in his ‘persona’ too.

3 years ago

This says he was “featured” on a recent “episode” (which episode- no date is given?) of the shows reboot. Is that as in a recording to be seen in the future at some point, or that it was actually televised recently? With no link to you tube to see the episode, should we presume its been recently taped but not yet televised? Or if it WAS “televised” recently, what was the episode number, so that we can go back with on demand or youtube to try to locate this episode? Thank you in advance for clarifying this confusion on my part. Looking forward to seeing it, whatever the media/internet “platform”! (yes, that WAS corny).

Reply to  Parker
3 years ago

It was on last Thursday I believe. With a most TV providers, you can watch it online on ABC.

3 years ago

Imagine this guy hanging out with Dick Pound?

Reply to  Lpman
3 years ago

which guy? Steele Johnson? Anthony Anderson?

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