Olympic Champion Kieren Perkins Returns To Swimming Australia Board

Sport Australia Hall of Fame member Kieren Perkins, OAM, returns to the Swimming Australia Board as a non-executive director, effective immediately.

The 2-time Olympic gold medalist had previously served on the board from 2001-2007. This time around he’ll be replacing current non-executive director Simon Rothery, who has decided to step down after having served since 2014.

Swimming Australia President John Bertrand AO said of Perkin’s addition,“Kieren is one of our greatest ever athletes and his sporting achievements speak for themselves. I would think most Australians would remember where they were when he won the 1500m from lane eight in 1996.

“Since he retired from swimming, he has held numerous positions in the corporate sector, and I have no doubt he will bring fantastic business acumen and skills to the boardroom.

“His legacy in the sport embodies our values to enrich and inspire the nation and I know he has the best interests of our sport at heart.”

Perkins won 1500m freestyle gold at both the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games and represents the first person in history to hold Olympic, World, Commonwealth and Pan Pacific titles simultaneously.

Perkins retired from swimming in 2000, owning 23 medals from international competitions. He is currently General Manager Enablement, nab Business and Private Bank.

Speaking on his appointment Perkins said, “As a passionate former swimmer and someone who has lived a large part of their life in the sport, I have a strong connection to the values and legacy of swimming.

“This is an exciting period for swimming as we build towards Tokyo and I am thrilled to be able to contribute to our sport’s future success.”

Quotes courtesy of Swimming Australia.

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non-bureau puppet
3 years ago

A sensible call understand the plan is to have him replace the current President in quick time. Probably too late to make any impression for Tokyo but hopefully restructure get rid of dead wood on current Board and within the administration. SA needs all the help it can get at moment with change in sponsors and lack of Government funding. Maybe they can get rid of duds in sport Australia as well. Would love Aussies to get back into the action.

3 years ago

On mobile, this title reads like “Olympic Champion Kieren Perkins Returns to Swimming……………Australlia Board.” I was looking at this like, “But how OLD is he now–oh.” lol

3 years ago

He is past his prime

Old Man Chalmers
Reply to  Daboss
3 years ago

he joined a committee, he didn’t start training again. He isn’t senile lol

3 years ago


Brad Flood
3 years ago

Great move; Great Man!

3 years ago

After Austrslia’s Golden Generation, things have come back down to earth. I hope Perkins is able to help SwimmingAustralia regain its footing on the world stage.

Certainly there have been recent successes (Campbell sisters, W 4 x 100 FrR, Mack Horton, Seebohm, etc), but the shenanigans with the men’s relays and lack of team leadership has shown.

Yes, Australia has a MUCH smaller population than the USA and definitely punches above their weight in international competition, but they certainly showed that they had the goods before, and no doubt can do it again. They have an amazing legacy and history of great swimmers. They are a “swimming nation.” They have AT LEAST 6 aquatic centers better than anything… Read more »

Reply to  BaldingEagle
3 years ago

Think you’re probably being over-optimistic with regards to AUS ever re-attaining a position above that of a strong “second division” team in the intl pecking order. Be assured, AUS WILL continue to produce swimmers of World/Olympic medal quality and even the odd world beater …. but they will be fewer and fewer in number.

Why ?? Because the cost of supporting a competition swimmer has become, and will continue to be, such that from historically being a sport that drew talent from a wide cross-section of society, the vast majority are now drawn from the socially affluent/private school educated. In short, an ever contracting talent pool to draw from.

This issue of expense is, of course, a universal one and… Read more »

Reply to  commonwombat
3 years ago

Very true , and made worse by municipal councils cancelling learn to swim leases at their pools thus killing off the SUBURBAN SWIMMING CLUB ,,,,,Slowly but surely.

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Retta Race

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