Olympian Brent Hayden Swims In the Bathtub

Canadian Olympic swim star, Brent Hayden, is a man with an artist’s eye for the usual. Sure, he was stalwart speed demon for most of his career, racking up Olympic, World Championship and Commonwealth Games medals, but he’s also a great photographer capturing stunning images.

See Hayden photos here at his web HQ.

It’s this artistic eye for the odd that inspired him and his wife, Nadina, to capture these bathtub swimming photos traveling on one of his many Olympic appearances.

Brent Hayden swims in the bathtub (courtesy & permission via Brent Hayden at his instagram account bhayden2012)

Brent Hayden swims in the bathtub (courtesy & permission via Brent Hayden at his instagram account bhayden2012)

Brent Hayden Instagram Post: Our penthouse suite at the Sparkling Hill Resort. Most beautiful hotel and room I have ever been in!

See Brent Hayden’s Instagram video of the penthouse and big bathtub discovery here.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like Kohler ought to call Brent to capture more of these.

Thanks for permission to share the photo, Brent, and good luck in your post Olympic career!

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Firewood Colorado Springs
2 years ago

Absolutely! apart from the fact he won bronze in the 100 metre freestyle at the London 2012 Olympics, he rocks a chrome dome and is practically a human dolphin, which would make us a manatee

10 years ago

great pix! I’m not one for tats at all, but have to say that’s an awesome half-sleeve he’s got…

10 years ago

Hmm what’s the WR for bathtub IM? I don’t even want to think how you would do a back to breast turn in there…

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