NSU’s Anton Lobanov Continues to Obliterate D2 Records: Goes 1:51.71 in 200 Breast

Nova Southeastern 22-year-old freshman Anton Lobanov has rewritten the NCAA Division II record books yet again, this time with a 1:51.71 in the 200 breast. Lobanov won the 100 breast on Friday night in Indianapolis with 51.63, lowering his own D2 national record, and setting the NCAA meet record, in the process.

The Russian native Lobanov had broken the NCAA open record at the Sunshine State Conference Championships in February, winning with 1:53.49. That eclipsed Nicholas Korth of UC San Diego’s 1:54.45 from last year’s NCAA Division II Championships by nearly a whole second.

In Indianapolis this morning, Lobanov cruised to an easy 1:56.91 in prelims to establish his spot in the middle of the pool for finals. Six hours later he unleashed the eighth-fastest time ever recorded in the 200 breast. In finals, Lobanov was out like he meant business. Second-place finisher Nic Eriksson tried to keep pace, but after 125 yards of chasing the Russian, Eriksson hit a wall and finished with a 31.4 on the end to trail by nearly four seconds. Lobanov, meanwhile, kept getting stronger and came home in a sprightly 29.0, blowing everyone else out of the water. Eriksson went 1:55.65 for second, while Nikolay Klepikov of Cal Baptist was 1:56.32 for third.

  • Lovanov, 3/14/2015: 23 / 28.20 (53.43) / 29.23 (1:22.66) / 29.05 (1:51.71)
  • Lobanov, 2/22/2015: 27 / 28.61 (53.88) / 29.36 (1:23.24) / 30.25 (1:53.49)
  • Korth, 3/15/2014: 50 / 28.88 (54.38) / 29.40 (1:23.78) / 30.67 (1:54.45)

Lobanov now sits eighth on the all-time list, just ahead of Mike Alexandrov from 2010.

# Time Swimmer Age Team Meet
1 1:48.66 Cordes, Kevin 20 Unattached 2014 NCAA Men’s Division I 03/27/14
2 1:51.03 Miller, Cody 21 Unattached 2013 Mens Big Ten Championship 02/27/13
3 1:51.20 Burckle, Clark 24 Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics 2012 AT&T Winter National Cham 11/29/12
4 1:51.40 Versfeld, Neil 23 Unattached 2009 NCAA DI Men’s Championships 03/26/09
5 1:51.57 Seliskar, Andrew 18 Nation’s Capital Swim Club 2015 PV SC Senior Championships 03/07/15
6 1:51.59 McKee, Anton 20 2014 SEC Swimming & Diving Cha 02/18/14
7 1:51.58 Fink, Nicolas 21 Unattached 2015 SEC Swimming & Diving Cha 02/21/15
8 1:51.71 Lobanov, Anton 22 Unattached 2015 NCAA DII Men’s Championships 03/14/15
9 1:51.73 Alexandrov, Mike 25 Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics 2010 SCY Nationals 12/02/10
10 1:51.74 Hansen, Brendan 24 Longhorn Aquatics 2006 ST American SC Champs 03/02/06
11 1:51.77 Licon, Will 20 Unattached 2015 Big 12 Swimming & Diving 02/28/15
12 1:51.84 McHugh, Brendan 24 Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club 2014 OK Elite Pro-Am 12/20/14



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A 22 yr old freshman that is something. And how did he support himself til now. Sure the NCAA doesn’t know.


I find your comment ignorant and unoriginal! The fact that you’re even talking about his age, means you do not know anything about DII swimming. If you look at the top teams in the nation, most of them have non-traditional student-athletes on their rosters’. They are all cleared by the NCAA, and deserve the same opportunity at a quality education as every other student-athlete. As a “coach”, I highly doubt if you had the opportunity to have Anton on your team that you would say no. With just two amazing swims, he has putt DII swimming on the world stage. The fact of the matter is, Anton is one of the fastest breaststrokers of all-time and he deserves your respect.


He deserves your “respect”…..respect is earned not given. Second, I do have a issue when a 22 year old international “man” is competing against 18 year old american “boy”. These eligibility rules for Division 2 need to be changed and restrictions on how many international swimmers can be on a team.


So, wait… a 1:51 200 breast isn’t worthy of earning respect?

Funny, for somebody with a username of D2, you sure don’t understand the concept of the division.

I was 22 as a senior, should I not have competed against 18 year-old freshmen?


A 22 year old “freshman” from Nova Southeastern breaks the NCAA record in the 200 breastroke. He deserves respect because he went 1:51? If that isn’t most entitlement comment I ever heard.

Division 1 and 3 have eligibility rules in place for a reason. Division II is the only division where you can swim a semester and be a National Champion, All American then next season not be on the roster. How is that promoting our division in a positive life?

He will earn my respect when he finish 4 years of college with a degree. It is not athlete first then student.

Coach Jason

Great Job my friend! Keep Believing and Keep Dreaming!!!


An American swimmer who begins college at 18 years of age, will be a 22 year old when a SR…how is that 22 year old different than a 22 year old freshman? It’s COLLEGE folks, the END of being “boys” & “girls” and AGE GROUP swimming and the beginning of ADULTHOOD and being “men” & “women” and competing against other men & women, regardless of age. The NCAA does not restrict competition by “age” in Divisions II & III, which is one of the DIFFERENCES from Division I. If you have a problem with AMATEURISM then direct your comments to THAT, but don’t mask it behind “age” not being FAIR for our poor 17 & 18 year old American freshmen!… Read more »


FYI and DIISWIMFAN: You make some legitimate points about this being college, not age group swimming. His breast stroke times were fantastic. However, what frustrates some of us is the older freshmen, who are supposedly amateurs. Last year, Victor Polyakov was a 24 year old freshman who swam a 4:20 in the 500. The “amazing” part was that he somehow accomplished this after graduating secondary school in 2009, and then was in the Russian army as a “life gaurd”. Isn’t this a bit like the Soviet hockey team from the 70’s and 80’s? http://www.collegeswimming.com/news/2014/mar/12/poyakov-russian-army-ncaa-record/ My boys have come to accept this as another challenge in D2 swimming. It’s just a bit hard to swallow all of the praise given to… Read more »


There have been some eligibility issues with DII athletes before – a lot of them forfeit years of eligibility for different issues, or are there for one year and then disappear from rosters (or two meets, like Duarte Mourao a few years back!) and there was the whole Kurtis MacGillivary incident.


Difference is, back in Muorao and MacGillivray’s days, it took qualifying times to make the national championships, which didn’t affect other swimmers earning that experience (besides the spot in A/B finals they occupied). Now with the (extremely low) cap, there’s others sitting at home that did things “correctly” that could’ve/should’ve had that experience…

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