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December 19th, 2016 Gear

Taking on some big names in the Competitive Swimming pool equipment industry with a “World First” is an IRISH company WEDG Sports Product Design.

WEDG produce the FIRST & ONLY (FINA Compliant) Backstroke Start Wedge that fits EVERY start block. (Patent Pending)

Minimal installation (in most cases no installation) is required to fit the innovative support system which attaches to any block with a (Patent Pending) “Hook & Strap” Adjustment Plate.

The WEDG Backstroke Start Wedge offer several advantages over all of its competitors and with the system coming in at less than 30% of the cost of its next cheapest rival, WEDG is also the most assessable Backstroke Start device with regard to COST.

WEDG Backstroke Start Wedge offers the following advantages over other similar products,

  • WEDG fits to EVERY Block
  • Minimal or ZERO installation is required.
  • 1st time set-up in less than 10 min (on delivery)
  • Subsequent set-up in less than 30sec.
  • No moving parts
  • Attaches to discreet location, allowing uninterrupted use of Top Platform.
  • Swimmer can adjust from the water / Coach can control adjustment from the deck.

Backstroke Start Wedge

Installed in Connaught Performance Centre and fitter to an OSB12

Fitting time = 10 min

Current WEDG Locations

Currently installed in over 100 clubs across Europe, (Ireland/England/Scotland/ Spain/Denmark) WEDG has been receiving very positive feedback. Following a busy Autumn season of sales, WEDG have upped the workforce to meet the demand for the products.

Production efficiencies in the Co Cork factory have consequently been streamlined and are now at a level where the company feels ready to dive into the American market.

Other Products by WEDG

WEDG Sports Product Design also produce a “plant-on” or RETRO-FIT Track Start that also fits to every block. Attached also with a strap system, the Retro-Fit converts tired old blocks into Olympic Standard Track Start Blocks. This addition is receiving a lot of complimentary reviews from Swim Coaches across Europe.

Retro-Fit Track Start

The Retro-Fit Track Start is priced at approx 30% of new full frame Track Start with Zero installation required. While the Coaches are interested in the Back Start Wedges, significant savings on cost as well as no disruption to pool decks are making a lot of Club committees interested in the Track Start in

What The Coaches Say

Peter Hill (Larne Swimming Club) following Irish & Scottish SC Nationals
Yeah the results were pretty good hopefully they a sign if bigger things ahead over next couple of months.  The starting platform and ledge have been invaluable to the guys esp in the last couple weeks as we moved into a competition phase.

James Lawless (Trojan Swim Club)
This is an absolutely superb product –easy assembly, portable and considering we use 3 different blocks, it is easily fitted to all, making it the ideal solution for the club.

Garry Mitchel (Dawlish Swimming Club)
It takes 30sec to set up the WEDG. It is an excellent training aid.

Alan Bircher (Ellesmere College Titans)
We have added Wedge Wednesday to our training programme and the swimmers arrive 30mins early so as to practice with the wedges. Great training tool.

Nikolaj Skovmose (Holstebro Svommeclub, Denmark)
Hi there at WEDG, we have installed the system and it works wonders.
Following delivery of a second order:
Hi again V, Thanks a lot for the second set. It’s perfect!

COMBINED Start System

All WEDG offerings are sold as stand-alone items, however, the individual parts are designed to be combined into a Combined Start System & also a TOTAL Start System.

Combined Start System

The Track Start includes attachment locations for the Backstart Wedge and together allow a start system that is unrivalled in its completeness.

WEDG have even gone one further and manufacture a custom designed FULLY PORTABLE start system, that can be fitted without any fixings, to any location and in any pool. The MEGA BLOCK (Just Add Water) system overcomes the problem of requiring to drill holes in pool decks. This portable system also allows a coach to move a block to a Dive Well for One on One instruction, Just add water for weight & stability. (Note: this is a Custom Built product and is unique to each installation).

TOTAL Start System

MEGABLOCK (Just Add Water)

This Fully Portable Start system can be positioned ANYWHERE !

For more information & prices contact

WEDG Sports Product Design, a sub company of JMV Skillbuild Ltd.
Duinch Banteer, Co Cork Ireland.

Follow on Twitter here

[email protected]




Swimming gear news is courtesy of WEDG Sports Product Design, a SwimSwam Partner. 

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Brad Cooper

Even more cutting- edge would be a rule change permitting backstrokers to dive-start and turn on the back before surfacing. This would risk psychological trauma for the pedants, but they eventually got over the tumble change, so perhaps they would suck it up for the dive too.
Sorry manufacturers, but all such wedge equipment is a goose chase for legitimacy. Much of it looks like – and works like – a camping expedition gone wrong.
Come on swimming, give competitors a break and let backstrokers dive. It will also give the coaching fraternity the chance to coin a new lexicon of quasi scientific jargon relating to the “physics” of the backstroke dive.


No, backstroke starts are cool. And wedges aren’t necessary, they’re just cool.

Vince Harris

Hi Brad,

Thanks for taking the time to review & comment.

I won’t argue the point you are making as that is not actually the point of the article.

This article simply offers information on the availability of reasonably priced equipment, to do a job that a club (or coach), has already decided, needs to be done.

It is for the coaches to make the decision as to whether they want Backstroke Start Wedges or not.

I am just trying to demonstrate that this equipment should not need a club to take out a “mortgage” to allow swimmers & clubs access to the same training opportunities as previously reserved for Elite centres or Clubs with very deep pockets.

Vince @ WEDG


I think they should pencil jump in & rebound off the bottom & surface before the usual 15m . Where they put their half twist would be up to them – in the jump in the air or in the dophin or on breakout .as long as before the 15m .

P kerrod

These look great . Ease could you email further details and costings too.


Hey PK. Go website ????

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