New in Commit: Roll-up Invoices Improvements

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May 14th, 2024 News

Courtesy of Commit Swimming, a SwimSwam partner

Commit Swimming has Team Management Software

New Feature: Roll-up Invoices Improvements

Roll-up Invoice Functionality

If a team has roll up turned “on”: For a given swimmer…If they have an active enrollment under the club, new invoice items get attached to that subscription and will be charged the next time the enrollment is invoiced. If they don’t have an active subscription, pending invoice items to the customer. These pending invoice items will get charged in one combined invoice on the first of the next month.

If a team has roll up turned “off”: We create a draft invoice, combine sibling invoices into 1 for that given meet and let the user pick to either send the invoice for manual payment or charge the payment method on file.

In both cases, all the information is clearly visible on the customer billing screen.

Why improve the roll up Invoices feature?

We built this feature to solve some of the confusion around Commit’s “Roll up invoices” feature. These new changes make the process more clear and offer our users more flexibility in how they run their swim club. Previously, this feature worked a bit like a black box with little visibility into what was happening. Three major shortcomings were:

1. If the user decides to push through the fees instead of waiting for the next subscription payment date from a customer, invoices don’t appear for those rolled up charges on meet fees or one-off payments.
2. If a customer does not have an active subscription, then the fees for meets and one-off invoices are not rolled up, they are charged right away.
3. It is difficult to see what is happening behind the scenes for rollups due to a lack of information in the UI.

What does roll up invoices look like in Commit?

ONE – Under settings you can toggle roll-up invoices “on” or “off”.

TWO – With roll-up invoices “on”, meet billing will look like this…

THREE – And previewing an upcoming invoice, will show the enrollment fees + meet billing:

FOUR – All rolled-up invoice items will appear on a customer’s account under “pending invoice items”:

FIVE – With roll-up invoices turned “off”, meet billing will give you the option to “charge” or “send” an invoice:

SIX – Sending an invoice will leave it open on a customers account until they manually pay it:

Additional Changes in Commit Swimming Recently

1. Removed sub groups showing up bug
2. Removed folders showing up bug
3. Increase group limit on programs from 10 to 15
4. More accurate invoice previews
5. Include invoice preview on parent accounts
6. Ability to delete a draft invoice
7. Include invoices paid for $0 because of balance adjustments

Commit Swimming, originally known for its workout management software, now has swim team management software designed to replace TeamUnify for your club.

Commit Swimming is the fresh team management software your swim club needs today. Hundreds of teams have already made the switch off of old software and upgraded their club to Commit Swimming. And clubs who have made the switch absolutely love their decision:

Commit Swimming is the best team management software out there. I have tried SwimTopia, TeamUnify and Active. Commit is better and offers everything you need.”

Schedule a Commit Swimming Team Management Demo

Watch The 2-minute Demo Video

  • Ready to onboard you now
  • First-class onboarding and service
  • Migrating swim clubs off of TeamUnify every week

4 Reasons for your swim team to switch to Commit Swimming


“Thank you for taking the time to make and send that video! Wow. We’ve never had such great support.”

You will receive support from people who care about you and your club with the Commit. If you don’t currently get this with your current team management software company, with Commit’s team management software, you will.

A big reason for why Commit sticks with swim coaches and clubs like you is because they know they can reach out with a question and feel supported on the other end.


“It is user-friendly:-). I am enjoying using Commit Swimming.”

You might currently use different team management software and think that it works fine. Or maybe you feel that it’s old, clunky, bloated with features not used, and hard to find what you need.

No matter what your opinion is of your current swim team software, you will be amazed with the simplicity and power of the Commit Swimming.

Clubs using other team management software often switch to Commit and note its simplicity and time savings compared to other options out there. You will get the same simplicity and usability you have come to expect from Commit’s workout manager.


“This just feels so much more modern.”

Maybe you think that your current team management software “works” and everyone “knows how to use it”.

This might be true.

And still, you know in the back of your head that there’s no way you will be using this software to manage your swim team in 10 years.

When you migrate to Commit Swimming, you will immediately notice that Commit’s software is different. It feels newer and is built to last into the future.

Commit, as a company, prides itself on being focused on 2 things: 1. The customer and 2. The product. This means that the only thing more important to us than making the product great, is serving you, the customer. Commit Swimming is modern, easy to use, and will stay that way.


“Commit’s IT & customer support has been incredible!”

Not only will the technology be simple to use for you and for your families, but you will also notice incredible service from us.

We hear from coaches and parents like you that your current service isn’t great. You have to deal with bugs that don’t get fixed, features that are promised and never happen. You often get replies from support reps but rarely feel like your problem is resolved fully.

You will finally get the customer support you deserve and pay for with the Commit.

Upgrade Your Team Management Software: What are your next steps?

Commit Swimming is currently being used by swim teams around the world. And we are ready to bring your club on today!

To get started, Schedule a Demo. Or click the button below to learn more about Commit.

  • Ready to onboard you now
  • First-class onboarding and service
  • Migrating swim clubs off of TeamUnify or Active Swim Manager

Swimming news for swim coaches and swim teams, courtesy of Commit Swimming.

Contact Commit anytime at [email protected].

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