NCAP Reigns Supreme in Club Excellence Program for 3rd-Straight Year

The Nation’s Capital Aquatic Club, NCAP, led the scoring in the USA Swimming Club Excellence Program for the 3rd-straight year, amassing nearly twice-as-many points as the next-closest club, Marlins of Raleigh, in this year’s rankings. NCAP is a massive club with 12 sites in two states (Maryland and Virginia) plus the District of Columbia and is home to the world’s best active swimmer, Katie Ledecky, as well as fellow National Team member Cassidy Bayer and National Junior Team swimmer Sam Pomajevich

The rankings only include 18 & under swimmers and gives points scores based on a power point rating system that gives a swim points based on how fast it is relative to a swimmer’s age. Those swims achieving a gold or silver standard receive bonus multiplier points: gold swims are multiplied by 2.0, silver by 1.5.

The top 20 clubs will be able to recognize themselves and publicize themselves as USA Swimming Gold Medal clubs for the next year. The 20 clubs represent 16 different LSCs.

The #2 club in this year’s rankings, the Marlins of Raleigh, made a huge leap from 14,000 points last year to almost 46,000 this year. This was MOR’s first time achieving a gold medal in the 16 year history of the program. Fort Collins Area Swim Team, Lakeside Aquatic Club, and Northern KY Clippers also made their first-ever appearances on the gold medal list.

As one North Carolina club, MOR, charges up the rankings, SwimMAC Carolina, historically a fixture as a gold medal club, only achieved silver status this year. While they had the second-most points, they didn’t meet the specific requirement of having any swimmers achieve a gold standard – which is a requirement to achieve gold status. Those gold medal times are set equal to 150th ranked swimmer in the world for the prior year for women and 200th in the world for the prior year for men.

Only swims achieved when swimmers were 18 & unders (at the time they were representing the club), and swimmers who haven’t begun their freshman year in college as of August 31st are eligible. So, clubs like the Gator Swim Club, which are also affiliated with a university program, won’t get the benefit of those university swimmers who represent the club in USA Swimming competition.

Results are not adjusted for club size.

Time standards:

The program provides grant funding to teams in the gold and silver level clubs that will total $450,000.

Additionally, teams that achieve a gold medal ranking for 4 consecutive years will be named to the Podium Club. Those clubs will equally divide an additional pool of money among themselves.

Podium Clubs:

  • Aquazot Swim Club
  • Bolles School Sharks
  • Dynamo Swim Club
  • Lakeside Swim Team
  • Nation’s Capital Swim Club
  • North Baltimore Aquatic Club
  • Sarasota YMCA Sharks

Gold medal clubs:

Club LSC Points
1. Nation’s Capital Swim Club Potomac Valley 89,635
2. Marlins of Raleigh North Carolina 45,915
3. Dynamo Swim Club Georgia 44,500
4. Carmel Swim Club Indiana 43,768
5. Sandpipers of Nevada Southern California 38,245
6. Sarasota YMCA Sharks Florida 36,369
7. North Baltimore Aquatic Club Maryland 34,084
8. Lakeside Swim Team Kentucky 32,083
9. Nitro Swimming South Texas 31,997
10. NOVA of Virginia Aquatics Virginia 30,808
11. Aquazot Swim Club Southern California 30,759
12. Fort Collins Area Swim Team Colorado 29,820
13. Scottsdale Aquatic Club Arizona 28,790
14. Lakeside Aquatic Club North Texas 28,004
15. Northern KY Clippers Swimming Ohio 27,037
16. Nashville Aquatic Club Southeastern 26,609
17. Pleasanton Seahawks Pacific 26,444
18. Mission Viejo Nadadores Southern California 25,533
19. Bolles School Sharks Florida 24,814
20. Gator Swim Club Florida 24,577

Silver Medal Clubs

SwimMAC Carolina (NC) 48,159

Irvine Novaquatics (CA) 37,086

Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics (PC) 34,691

Academy Bullets Swim Club (IL) 27,490

Austin Swim Club (ST) 23,962

Tualatin Hills Swim Club (OR) 23,588

Mason Manta Rays (OH) 22,050

Canyons Aquatic Club (CA) 21,896

Magnolia Aquatic Club (GU) 21,648

SwimAtlanta (GA) 21,056

Long Island Aquatic Club (MR) 20,555

Sierra Marlins Swim Team (SN) 19,708

Virginia Gators (VA) 19,044

York YMCA (MA) 18,675

Tennessee Aquatics (SE) 18,542

Dayton Raiders (OH) 18,106

Texas Ford Aquatics (NT) 17,914

Santa Clara Swim Club (PC) 17,128

Ozaukee Aquatics (WI) 16,928

Club Wolverine (MI) 16,207

Upper Dublin Aquatic Club (MA) 15,814

La Mirada Armada (CA) 15,676

Chattahoochee Gold S.C. (GA) 15,179

KING Aquatic Club (PN) 15,120

Poseidon Swimming (VA) 15,093

NASA Wildcat Aquatics (IL) 14,779

Davis Aquadarts R.T. (SN) 14,191

Cincinnati Marlins (OH) 13,957

Tampa Bay Aquatics (FL) 13,886

Waves Bloomington- Normal Y.S.T. (IL) 13,528

Fishers Area Swimming Tigers (IN) 13,503

Bluefish Swim Club (NE) 13,413

Iowa Flyers Swim Club (IA) 13,162

Razorback Aquatic Club (AR) 13,024

North Texas Nadadores (NT) 12,873

TAC Titans (NC) 12,797

Arizona Gold Swimming (AZ) 12,780

Wilton Y Wahoos S.C. (CT) 12,690

Chesire Y Sea Dog S.C. (CT) 12,641

Delaware Swim Team (MA) 12,142

Greater Nebraska S.T. (MW) 12,094

Crow Canyon Country Club Sharks (PC) 11,701

Aquajets Swim Team (MN) 11,167

Ridgefield Aquatic Club (CT) 11,142

Central Bucks S.T. (MA) 11,131

Metroplex Aquatics (NT) 11,071

Berkeley Aquatic Club (NJ) 10,746

The FISH (PV) 10,517

Longhorn Aquatics (ST) 10,511

The Woodlands S.T. (GU) 10,506

Badger Swim Club (MR) 10,234

Alamo Area Aquatics Assn. (ST) 10,114

FAST Swim Team (CA) 10,069

Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics (MR) 9,998

Rockwood Swim Club (OZ) 9,677

Saint Petersburg Aquatics (FL) 9,661

Rose Bowl Aquatics (CA) 9,382

Mansfield Aquatic Club (NT) 9,361

Ohio State Swim Club (OH) 9,330

New Trier Swim Club (IL) 9,236

Rockville-Montgomery S.C. (PV) 9,075

Cardinal Aquatics (KY) 9,036

Chelsea Piers Athletic Club (CT) 8,997

Edina Swim Club (MN) 8,937

Hickory Foundation YMCA Seahorse S.T. (NC) 8,874

Suburban Seahawks Club (MA) 8,782

Sarasota Tsunami S.T. (FL) 8,553

Tide Swimming (VA) 8,373

Cypress Fairbanks S.C. (GU) 8,270

Jeffco Hurricanes (CO) 8,039

City of Mobile Swim Assn. (SE) 7,772

Upper Arlington S.C. (OH) 7,754

Houston Swim Club (GU) 7,471

Gulliver Swim Club (FG) 7,424

Metro Atlanta A.C. (GA) 7,297

Riptide Swim Team (MN) 7,271

Schroeder YMCA S.T. (WI) 7,166

Jersey Wahoos (MA) 7,115

Rockwall Aquatic Center of Excellence (NT) 7,041

Kansas City Blazers (MV) 7,000


Bronze Medal Clubs

Memphis Thunder A.C. (SE) 8,601

Clovis Swim Club (CC) 8,034

Team Greenville (SC) 6,982

Victor Swim Club (NI) 6,981

Triton Swimming (KY) 6,964

Lancaster Aquatic Club (MA) 6,953

Race Pace Club (MV) 6,930

Crawfish Aquatics (LA) 6,816

Machine Aquatics (PV) 6,798

Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics (MI) 6,769

Westport/Weston Family Y.S.T. (CT) 6,769

Georgia Coastal Aquatic Team (GA) 6,742

Duneland Swim Club (IN) 6,726

Madison Aquatic Club (WI) 6,655

North Bay Aquatics (PC) 6,542

Highlander Aquatic Club (FL) 6,375

YMCA of the Triangle Area S.T. (NC) 6,306

Peddie Aquatics Assn. (NJ) 6,259

CSP Tideriders (OZ) 6,180

Columbia Swim Club (MV) 6,147

Wasatch Front Fish Market (UT) 6,132

Highlands Ranch Aquatics (CO) 6,071

Schenctady-Saratoga Swim Club (AD) 5,913

Charger Aquatics (NM) 5,773

Y-Spartaquatics S.C. (SC) 5,768

Greater Tampa Swim Assn. (FL) 5,748

Egg Harbor Twp. Seahawks (MA) 5,735

North Carolina Aquatic Club (NC) 5,709

Barrington Swim Club (IL) 5,685

Penn Charter Aquatic Club (MA) 5,573

Huntsville Swim Assn. (SE) 5,513

Quicksilver Swimming (PC) 5,497

AquaKids Sharks S.T. (FG) 5,475

Westchester Aquatic Club (MR) 5,447

YMCA of the North Shore (NE) 5,290

Crimson Tide Aquatics (SE) 5,245

SOCAL Aquatics Assn. (CA) 5,241

Boise YMCA S.T. (SR) 5,176

Multnomah Athletic Club (OR) 5,166

Flyers Aquatic S.T. (OZ) 5,137

Empire KC Swim Club (MV) 5,085

Phoenix Swim Club (AZ) 5,072

Splash Club (OK) 4,980

Reno Aquatic Club (PC) 4,970

Eastern Express S.T. (NJ) 4,896

Upper Main Line YMCA (MA) 4,887

Excel Aquatics (SE) 4,862

Bend Swim Club (OR) 4,809

Roadrunner Aquatics (CC) 4,794

Hopkins Mariner S.T. (CT) 4,749

Swim Florida (FL) 4,718

Crown Point Swim Club (IN) 4,680
South Florida Aquatic Club (FG) 4,655
Greater Philadelphia A.C. (MA) 4,529
Missoula Aquatic Club (MT) 4,509

Zionsville Swim Club (IN) 4,487

Pikes Peak Athletics (CO) 4,466

Temecula Swim Club (CA) 4,402

Katy Aquatics Team for Youth (GU) 4,401

RallySport Aquatic Club (CO) 4,389

Aces Swim Club (CO) 4,349

St. Croix Swim Club (MN) 4,324

Condors Swim Club (MR) 4,311

Pine Crest Swimming (FG) 4,299

Lost Creek Aquatics (ST) 4,084

Rancho San Dieguito (SI) 4,031

Portland Aquatic Club (OR) 4,029

SwimStrongsville (LE) 4,025

West Coast Aquatics (PN) 4,024

Fort Wayne Swim Team (IN) 3,963

Aulea Swim Club (HI) 3,879

Barracuda S.C. of NE Tenn. (SE) 3,822

Central Iowa Aquatics (IA) 3,807

Premier Aquatics Club of Klein (GU) 3,750

Pearland Aquatics (GU) 3,743

Greenwich YWCA Dolphins S.T. (CT) 3,740

Crimson Aquatics (NE) 3,733

Swim Pasadena (CA) 3,706

Fox Chapel Killer Whales (AM) 3,704

Firestone Akron S.T. (LE) 3,655

Naval Academy A.C. (MD) 3,651

Somerset Valley YMCA (NJ) 3,647

Hillsboro Swim Team (OR) 3,630

Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA (NJ) 3,625

Lake Erie Silver Dolphins (LE) 3,616

AquaSwimClub (MI) 3,596

Eagle Swim Team (MD) 3,582

Marin Pirates (PC) 3,522

Dallas Mustangs (NT) 3,520

McFarland Spartan Sharks (WI) 3,520

PACK S.T. of Pittsford (NI) 3,427

Makos Aquatics Club of Gainesville(FL) 3,416

Birmingham Swim League (SE) 3,376

Northridge Area Swimming Assn. (IN) 3,347

Colorado Springs S.T. (CO) 3,338

College Area S.T. (SI) 3,337

Memphis Tiger S.C. (SE) 3,337

Univ. of Denver Hilltoppers (CO) 3,291

Lake Oswego S.C. (OR) 3,269

Walnut Creek Aquabears (PC) 3,239

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Mama G

Congratulations GNST! So nice to see a team from Nebraska on the list.


I wonder how many of the bronze level clubs earned all of their points from one swimmer?


The fact that the Race Pace Club is a bronze medal club (and one of the higher ranked ones) pretty much answers that question.

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