Mount Pleasant, LTP To Merge Into New South Carolina Swim Club

The Mount Pleasant Swim Club and the LTP Racing Club will be merging this spring to form the South Carolina Swim Club, with former SwimMAC coach Pam Swander leading the brand-new program.

We reported yesterday on an e-mail from SwimMAC announcing Swander’s departure from the program this spring, and now the South Carolina Swim Club has confirmed that Swander will be heading up the newly-merged program.

Swander will serve as Head Coach and Club Director for South Carolina Swim Club, which will now serve about 500 swimmers – each of the two former clubs featured roughly 250 swimmers. The South Carolina Swim Club will span four different pools and should have a combined coaching staff of around 20.

Swander will take over the new position beginning on April 1. The South Carolina Swim Club released a statement from Swander on the new position:

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to move to the Charleston area to join one of the country’s up-and-coming programs,” said Swander. “I have had a remarkable and successful journey with SwimMAC that has made this new opportunity possible. I’m looking forward to joining the quality coaching staff, families, and swimmers at this club and working with everyone to build a championship program in Charleston.”

You can find that quote and more information on her coaching career in the SCSC bio here.

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Phil Kraus

Loved swimming against your teams back in the day and getting to run into you on deck all these years later.

Congrats Pam!

Carrie Healy

This is Awesome for the Lowcountry! Thanks to all that made this possible!

SC Swim Fam

How is this awesome for the lowcountry? It actually makes things worse.

Good Swim

How does hiring Coach Swander make things worse?

LTP Family

This is a disaster. The swim cultures of LTP and MPSC could not be any more opposite of each other. LTP is a family and MPSC is…not. So many of the kids on LTP came from MPSC because they wanted to escape that environment there. And now they can’t.

Hello LTP Family – you are welcome to disapprove of this decision to merge the two clubs, however, we would request that you choose one username with which to comment on this thread and stick to it. This helps keep the conversation balanced and in perspective. Thanks for reading, and best of luck in the merger.

Braden Keith

LTP Family

Sorry mate. I was typing on my phone and it never looked like the comment went through. My bad. Thanks.

Former sc swimmer

Waaaaaaaah!!! Now you’ll have to grow up into the real world of swimming where there’s competition and dissappointment and people work their butts off every day to be their best and you have to show up to practice even when you don’t feel like it and you can’t tan on the pool deck and talk to the coach during practice and you might not loooooovvvveeee swimming every moment of the day. Swimming is tough sometimes…..


MPSC is more of a family than LTP will ever be. And you’re also wrong when you say that the transfers wanted to move because they wanted to escape the environment- it’s because a few years ago, a lot of MPSC’s coaches were fresh out of college and were just looking for a job until they got a real one. Then they all got jobs at basically the same that they would have to quit coaching for, and MPSC got a bunch of really crappy coaches. That’s why people moved, not to escape the environment…

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