VIDEO: MN High School Boys A State Meet: St. Thomas Academy coach and swimmers share win

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March 04th, 2014 High School, News, Video

Minnesota High School Boys Class A State Meet finished in spectacular fashion. The winning, team, St. Thomas Academy shares what it is like to win (with 417 points), and the value of coming together and developing as athletes and people.


1. St. Thomas Academy – Head Coach John Barnes. Tells story about swimmer who was not great underclassman, and developed into a great swimmer, and more importantly, person.

2. St. Thomas Academy – winning 4×100 Freestyle Relay – Tommy Weiss (10), Hunter Nielsen (10), Mac Brown (10), and Sam Johanns (11).

3. St. Thomas Academy Captains,

Michael Connors  (Senior)


Jeremy Connors  (Senior)


Jacob Bursey      (Senior)


Jake Pursely   (junior)


share what it means to win the meet.



4. and two brothers, Eric Ruzicka and Matt Ruzicka share how they support each other to be their best.


In this division, we get to see some smaller schools shine. For team score, after St. Thomas Academy, Breck/Blake was 2nd in 235 points (video with them and others to come in next article), Fergus Falls was 3rd with 150 points, Faribault 4th with 147 points, and Fridley 5th with 129 points.

If you wish to see all of the Minnesota high school results, please go to:

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