Missy Franklin, Swimming Phenom

  12 Gold Medal Mel Stewart | March 26th, 2012 | Featured, Gold Medal Minute, London 2012 Olympics | Sponsored by: SwimOutlet.com

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4 years 6 months ago

Very nice piece Mel. I think at some point within the next two years, reality will hit and she’ll go pro.

Positive outcomes of going pro early: Phelps
So-so outcomes: Hoff, Knutson

Phelps had a sweet deal at Michigan where he got the college experience (without the NCAA competition, and got to work out with his coach (Bob Bowman was UM coach for 4 yrs). Maybe Cal coach Teri McKeer could hire Missy’s HS coach as a Cal assistant! [Not likely.]

Tiger Woods went pro after 2 years at Stanford; Michelle Wie went pro in High School (before Stanford).

4 years 6 months ago

Roger, in what way has the Knutson situation been anything but a disaster?

4 years 6 months ago

I admire her, but there is so little money in swimming that turning down 1.6 million dollars just doesnt make a lot of sense. She could burn out just as easily swimming for a college team as she could on her club team. Or she could do the Phelps thing and just go train at a place like Cal to get the team atmosphere…i bet they would make her an assistant coach.

John Sampson
4 years 6 months ago

To me knutsons decision didnt make since because she was such a better yards swimmer. She wouldve been an ncaa legend. She shouldve just transfered to another school like georgia or florida or usc

4 years 6 months ago

MORE DETAIL: Estimating endorsement rev is misleading…and there are so many factors involved. As we’ve witnessed, athletes can experience misfortune. I think Missy’s a different type of swimmer, however, a true star, someone who will win gold even if she’s not at her best. So…if Missy won 3 golds in London, I believe her total haul would be upwards of 5 million by Rio in 2016 (and perhaps more). Here’s why: She’d be the female star leading into those Game, and athletes make 90% of their rev on contracts in the 18 month to a year before an Olympics. Yes, many contracts are tied to big bonus payouts, but true stars get the upfront money. I think Missy’s in Janet Evan’s position (1988), media-wise, hype-wise. To capitalize on London and on Rio, Missy would need the endorsement “exposure” in the post London Olympic honeymoon period. It’s the big companies’ “distribution” of an athlete’s image, globally, that pushes their Q-rating through the roof…. Given Missy’s not going pro, I’d strongly suggest that she partner with a CHARITY, one with a global reach. I think she can stump for a charity, lend her “good clean image” to a charity, and remain an NCAA / amature athlete. (Can anyone confirm this, please?)… I even think Missy would enjoy it too… So, Missy has options. Also, USA Swimming deserves high marks for how they’ve worked with her and her family. The marketing-arm of USA Swimming is very professional–well organized, the best among the NGBs…. So, Missy, pro or amature, has great choices in her future.

4 years 6 months ago

A charity would be a good idea for outreach as well as experience, although balancing it with school and swimming would be tough. I’ve also wondered exactly what the terms for amateur status are, specifically if she can’t accept money but can decide where to allocate it. For example, if she wins money on the grand prix tour, can she choose to donate it to a charity, to her club, put it in a trust fund, or does it have to pass to the next in line.

4 years 6 months ago

Chris – to answer the last part, they can ask her opinion on where it goes, but she can’t have an official say. It also can’t go to anything that would explicitly benefit her, so her club couldn’t take it.

After that, it’s up to each organization. UltraSwim donated it to one of the charities they work with. USA Swimming spokesperson told me last year that when she wins the GP, the money goes to next in line.

4 years 6 months ago

She is an incredibly well spoken young lady, it’s very fun to watch her interviews. She has more poise than talent which is unheard of considering the mast talent she posesses.

4 years 5 months ago

I think it’s incredibly refreshing to see someone who is swimming because she loves the sport and thinks it’s fun. I think that’s so much better for swimming and its image than having a high profile athlete very obviously staying in the pool just for a paycheck.

As kind of an old-school swimming purist, it’s been rather painful watching Phelps grumble and complain and grouse his way to London, when there are so many athletes who would kill for even 1/100 of his success. His attitude reeks of selfishness and greed, and I believe is ultimately damaging to the sport. (What little kid will want to take up swimming when even the best athlete in the world makes it so obvious that he doesn’t like to go to practice?) It’s so much more enjoyable to watch an incredible talent like Missy who obviously loves what she does and has fun while she’s doing it.

My hat’s off to a young, smart girl, who knows herself well enough to know what will ultimately make her successful and happy, and hopefully will be cheerful ambassador for our sport for many many years to come. GO MISSY!

jean michel
4 years 4 months ago

Go Missy , the Colorado smiling gentle smart missile ! I feel she can even brake the 200 back world record and the 200 free WR + helping the Medley relay to go very far .


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