Missy Franklin, Swimming Phenom

  12 Gold Medal Mel Stewart | March 26th, 2012 | Gold Medal Minute, London 2012 Olympics | Sponsored by: SwimOutlet.com

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jean michel

Go Missy , the Colorado smiling gentle smart missile ! I feel she can even brake the 200 back world record and the 200 free WR + helping the Medley relay to go very far .

I think it’s incredibly refreshing to see someone who is swimming because she loves the sport and thinks it’s fun. I think that’s so much better for swimming and its image than having a high profile athlete very obviously staying in the pool just for a paycheck. As kind of an old-school swimming purist, it’s been rather painful watching Phelps grumble and complain and grouse his way to London, when there are so many athletes who would kill for even 1/100 of his success. His attitude reeks of selfishness and greed, and I believe is ultimately damaging to the sport. (What little kid will want to take up swimming when even the best athlete in the world makes it so… Read more »

She is an incredibly well spoken young lady, it’s very fun to watch her interviews. She has more poise than talent which is unheard of considering the mast talent she posesses.


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