Mission Viejo’s Marguerite Aquatics Center Renovations Planned

Mission Viejo, California has plans to renovate its 44-year-old Marguerite Aquatics Center to the tune of a $7.8 million investment after the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Although the aging complex, once home to diving great Greg Louganis, still meets the minimum standards for national and international competitions, the facility is in need of repairs and displays signs of deterioration.  Additionally, the Orange County pool and diving facility simply lacks additional features that newer facilities have and sanctioning bodies are looking for, according to Nadadores Board members.

Improvements on the renovation list, which is slated to take 1 ½ years to complete, include a new dive tower, featuring 12-foot-wide platforms, rendering Marguerite the only facility in the West Coast capable of hosting synchronized diving competitions.

“We will have the best outdoor diving platforms in the United States,” said Jim Montrella, a Nadadores board member who was an assistant coach for the U.S. Olympic Team in 1976. “I expect that we will host more swimming and diving competitions not only of the beginning and the medium level but of the national and international level.”

“Now we’ll be able to do more,” Montrella said. “The upgrade is going to improve the opportunity.”

Construction is scheduled to begin in September, giving Nadadore swimmers and divers time to continue their training at the facility through the upcoming Olympic Trials this summer.

Of the $7.8 investment, the Nadadores pledged to contribute $1.36 toward the project, with the City Council discussing the city’s funding arrangement at a meeting later this month.

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Joel Lin

I am so glad to see this happening. This is the most iconic and treasured swim facility in the world.

johhny b

Brian Goodel was not a particularly great diver. Great swimmer though


i guess they were focused on the diving part. They don’t really mention anything about the competition pool…..but the swimming history far outweigh the diving history at that pool.


Maybe they can make the pool faster. My times always suck here for some reason.

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