Minnesota “Head Men’s Coach” Dennis Dale Leaving Program

  93 Braden Keith | April 02nd, 2014 | Big Ten, College, News

The University of Minnesota’s prior “Head Men’s Coach” Dennis Dale will no longer be with the program, the school told the team in a meeting on Tuesday.

Dale, who is the “Head Men’s Coach” under the umbrella of the program’s true head coach Kelly Kremer is a Minnesota alumni, having graduated in 1967, and has been the head of the men’s team since the 1985-1986 season. In his time, his men’s team has 7 Big Ten titles, including back-to-back wins in 2004 and 2005, and he has earned 6 Big Ten Coach of the Year awards.

Dale became the “Head Men’s Coach” after the men’s and women’s programs were combined at Minnesota following the 2010-2011 season under Kremer.

Though it’s not going to be a direct replacement, Minnesota plans to hand the reins to the men’s sprint group over to second-year assistant Steve Miller, who is a 2009 graduate of Minnesota. That’s a sprint group that Miller was once a part of while a four-time First Team All-American as an undergrad.

The sprint group is a hallmark of the Minnesota program, including Big Ten Champion Derek Toomey who was 4th at NCAA’s in the 50 free last weekend.

We were unable to confirm the exact nature of the separation between Dale and Minnesota (firing, retirement, resignation, etc.) and as of posting, Minnesota had not responded to multiple requests for comment.

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Friends: It’s been almost a year since the University of Minnesota decided not to renew Dennis Dale’s contract and Indiana University decided to hire Dennis to coach both men and women. With the 2015 Big Ten Swimming Championships in the rear-view mirror, some reflection about that decision is in order. We can now begin to assess, preliminarily at least, whether things improved at Minnesota as some commentators contended would happen, and whether Indiana’s sprint program (one of the areas that Dennis was asked to focus on) has improved as some of us suggested was likely. In other words, did Dennis’s removal have a positive impact on the Gopher men and did Dennis have a positive impact at IU? For those… Read more »
FYI. I am not a coach and there is no appeal except for you to move on.In no way was I involved in the decision that led to Dennis’s dismissal, and I am not a part of Minnesota swimming in any way. It does not appear that there is an overwhelming consensus for your position. I feel very sorry that you are harboring this deep resentment. If this is incoherent then please let me know how to be more clear. In case you are unable to understand my position I will simplify it. Dwelling on what happened rather than supporting the Gopher swimmers is unproductive and negative. Also, I did not suggest that you said I am Kelly. Just trying… Read more »
Swim Dude: Your post is confusing and it is hard to know where to begin. How can you say that you aren’t trying to appeal to anyone, if in the next sentence you suggest that you are trying to present a side of the situation that I and others may not have considered? In my estimation, that is an appeal. More importantly, the critics who have posted here are quite aware that you and those responsible for the decision to eliminate Dennis would like others to stop talking about it. Most people who engage in conduct that is so troubling would prefer that others not dwell on that conduct. The critics aren’t moving on because a) some have only recently… Read more »

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