Mike Parratto, Coach of 4-time Olympian Jenny Thompson shares tips for new coaches

Mike Parratto, was the main coach of legendary 4-time Olympian, Jenny Thompson, and of many Olympic Trials qualifiers, Senior and Junior National Qualifiers, while coaching in a small area at Seacoast Aquatics in Southern New Hampshire, and then at Indiana. He now is in Minnesota as the Head Coach, at Riptides Swim Team, along with his wife, Amy Parratto.

He shares some smart advice for new coaches and clubs, to help develop a great foundation, for the future of the team.


Katrina Radke is an Olympic Swimmer, Sport Psychology Professor, Bestselling Author of Be Your Best Without the Stress, and 7 Ultimate Fitness Routines. She also runs a motivational, peak potential business, WECOACH4U with her husband, Olympic Coach and former Stanford Coach, Ross Gerry.

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7 years ago

It is only fair to mention that Jenny’s coach in Stanford was Richard Quick. Terry Laughlin published an article where he described butterfly stroke technique and practices her stroke technique coach Bill Boomer used to lead her to breaking world record on 100m fly in 1099. That article is a MUST read.

Reply to  PsychoDad
7 years ago

Here is link to that article for interested.


Katrina Radke
7 years ago

Yes Richard Quick and Ross Gerry coached her throughout most of 90s at Stanford…and Bill Boomer helped at Stanford in 90s a lot too… one thing specifically fixed was her breathing in the fly which led to world record. Yet credit must be given to Mike (and to all club coaches who develop athletes but don’t necessarily always coach them in their prime) who was and is a great mentor…and for so positively influencing Jenny in swimming and in life. And then of course, let’s not forget the main person – Jenny, herself, who was a very tough athlete and is an all-around great person.

7 years ago

After talking with several local coaches our kids began swimming with Mike this fall. Amazing decision — Mike takes the time to listen, motivate and get to know the individual athlete. He is passionate, empathetic and knowledgeable! Great coaches are always learning, researching and growing with the sport — they make it FUN for the athletes — they take time to listen and they love what they do.

remel can do anything
2 years ago

several years later, he coached regan smith, wow.

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