Michael Phelps Wins 16th Gold Medal Again, This Time in Legos (VIDEO)

Great Britain’s TheGuardian has recreated the men’s 200 IM final from the 2012 Olympics, where Michael Phelps beat the 200 IM World Record holder Ryan Lochte for his 16th career gold medal.

Only, they’ve done it in Legos, complete with Lochte next to him, and even a cap-less Hungarian Laszlo Cseh. They’ve used a technique called “stop motion,” which employs a series of photographs to imply the motion of video.

Only four lanes were shown, lanes 3 (Phelps), 4 (Lochte), 5 (Cseh – bronze medalist), and 6 (Thiago Pereira – 4th place), but they were complete with the correct order, correct cap colors, etc. It even used proper race pacing – Cseh falling behind on the fly, catching up on backstroke, Lochte and Pereira swimming great breaststroke legs…it’s all there.

Pretty impressive. See the real race, courtesy of the IOC, below.


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7 years ago

Amazing! 😀

7 years ago

Wow this bring “swim nerd” to a whole new level. Fun to watch, though. Realistic except for seeing smiles during backstroke.

Watched the real race too, and seeing Phelps destroy Lochte on the backstroke leg convinced me that Lochte was probably mistaken to try the 2Back/2IM double. Not only was his confidence shaken by failing to defend his 2Back title from not only Clary, but also Irie, but insufficient recovery of the backstroke muscles, especially the legs, probably lost him at least the .6 he needed to beat Phelps. Of course, Lochte himself was confident going in and only afterward did coaches attribute his relatively “less fit” state to overtraining during 2012. Hindsight. Still a great race between the… Read more »

Reply to  liquidassets
7 years ago

Agreed. I believe it was a combination of the two for Lochte with the double…(over training and over extending himself). Ultimately I think he, Lochte, took his charge to chase Phelps as the GOAT too late in his career (starting his more aggressive training after the 2008 Olympics…improving his underwaters, etc…). Who knows, if he had done that kind of training after 2004, we may never have had “History in Beijing,” the IMs would likely have been much tighter races. Nonetheless, I still consider Lochte as the greatest IMer.

7 years ago

Ha! I might be there too as a Lego spectator as my brother and I were in approximately the 5th row of spectators that night about 35m from the start. I have some cracking photos of Phelps, Cseh and Lochte with their medals following the ceremony as were sitting directly behind the large group of photographers. I was also there for the Phelps v LeClos 200 fly final, but I was miles back in the nosebleed seats.

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