Michael Phelps Attempts to Teach Ellen Show Producer How To Swim

by Charlotte Holz 12

September 29th, 2016 National, News, Video

Ellen DeGeneres is not an average comedian, just like Michael Phelps is not an average swimmer. Ellen has decided to highlight just how average her producer Andy is by creating a new segment called “Average Andy.”

“We created a segment just for him where extraordinary people who are the best in the world teach Andy, who is a completely average person, how to do what they do,” Ellen explained. “So today, Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps attempts to teach Andy how to swim. Please enjoy the first installment of Average Andy...” If you haven’t already, watch the full video below:

The hilarity ensues right from the start as Andy takes his bathrobe off to reveal his striped “swimsuit.” After jumping in and swimming to end of the pool, Andy does a flip turn– if you could call it that. Phelps then demonstrates how to swim butterfly as Andy watches in awe.

Phelps  takes the swim lesson a step farther and challenges Andy to a race. Although hesitant and very out of breath, Andy accepts the challenge. Standing next to a 23-time Olympic gold medalist, in any setting, isn’t an easy thing to do– especially for Average Andy. However, Andy stepped up to the plate and raced Phelps until the end when he decided to ride on his back instead. So props to you, Andy Lassner, for providing us with a few laughs and being a great sport.

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Lane Four

Michael gets better and better every time he is on camera. He will be a great swim analyst for NBC.

Naya Missy

This is hilarious!

“Was I even close?”


Phelps was like , is this guy an stupid?



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