Michael Phelps’ 51.67 100 Fly Race Video, Plus Interview – 2014 Bulldog Grand Slam

Swimmming News / Swimming video courtesy of Shanda Crowe

MENS 100 Butterfly – FINALS – as reported by SwimSwam

“Stagnant” doesn’t feel like the right word for Michael Phelps’ performances so far in the 100 fly since returning to competition in April at the Mesa Grand Prix. The connotation of the word doesn’t feel right for a swimmer ranked top 10 in the world this year. But his times up until Friday had been flat. In his three Grand Prix meets, he’s been 52.13, 52.13, and 52.11. Today in Athens, he broke through with a 51.67: a statement swim by all accounts. That puts Phelps 2nd in the world so far this year, and makes him faster than any American swimmer he’s going to have to face at Nationals next month.

Ryan Lochte, who beat Phelps the last time they raced head-to-head in this event in Mesa, was 2nd in 53.08 – not looking nearly the same as he did in Mesa. As encouraging as Phelps’ performance is, Lochte’s is equally unnerving for American fans. With Nationals only three weeks away, a 53.0 is going to be a tough time to build on.

Queens University swimmer and NCAA Division II National Champion, Matthew Josa, fininshed 3rd in 53.64. Geoff Cheah, in one of his better swims since joining Club Wolverine a few months ago, was 4th in 53.67. Cheah’s time was just off Tim Phillips B-final winning time of 53.64. Caeleb Dressel took 2nd in the “B” final in 54.41. That’s an in-season best for him.

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I’ve always wondered why Phelps decides to take out his 100’s so slow in the past. Regardless of his performance tonight, him and Bob need to realize that the under waters in events like the 100 are not nearly as beneficial as they are in a 200 race and above. The speed and momentum that these guys get off their 100 turns make up for their mediocre under-waters. I’m more interested to see how Phelps does in the 100 back tomorrow. Looking at the olympic schedule of events and his limited ability to recover between races as he could in ’04 and ’08, the piece fits perfectly into the puzzle. Not only that, if he was able to get a… Read more »


Swimlazy: I don’t think Phelps “decides” to take 100s out slow. It just seems that way because he is a distance swimmer (slow twitch, etc) but still good enough to win 100s. He isn’t good at 50s and has relatively slow turns. But, while the true sprinters are running out of gas at the end, Phelps is just hitting his stride. Fun to watch his 100s because he is always in last place at the 50.


You forgot the 4×100 medley relay. I want to see Phelps in this relay too.
100 fly, 200 fly, 100 free, 100 back, 200 IM plus all 3 relays would be good enough for Rio Olympics.
Gosh, only Michael Phelps can make me think of a ‘crazy’ schedule like this. Don’t blame me though.

And surely, I’m going to get a few copies of ESPN The Magazine’s ‘Body Issue’ with Phelps as the cover model of course. LOL
Way to go, Michael! <3


forget about Phelps in the 200 butterfly . He clarified that weeks ago on Mel’s intervieuw . wake up , this is not M Phelps of the past but from 2014 . Cheers

just sayin

Priceless that your giving the worlds fastest 100 flyer, and probably one of the greatest coaches in the sport advice. just sayin, I think they know.


I beg to differ about Bowman being one of the best coaches. Sure he’s great, but I think he fell into some luck by mentoring a natural phenom like Phelps.

I think the best coach in the U.S. is Salo at USC. Mainly because of his proven success at turning multiple swimmers great from a young age when he was with NOVA Aquatics. I don’t really want to get into the other reasons.


The difference between him saying he would never swim 400 IM in 2010 and he will never swim 200 fly again is this:
the 400 IM in London afforded him the chance to threepeat.
200 fly in London will not.

He is not going to swim 200 fly.


good point


And then he got fourth. Who know, maybe he would have gone a few one hundredths faster in the 200 fly if he didn’t do that race. It’s funny when someone critiques the strategy of the man who threepeated in the 100 fly and the man who coached him.


Exactly, your’e pointing out a mistake that Bob and Michael made yourself by saying he could have gone faster if he hadn’t swam the 400 IM. I was very surprised they decided to swim the 400 myself.

I think he should definitely swim the 100 back at nationals just to see how he compares with the rest of the field. If he doesn’t make it, he doesn’t make it – so what. I think the only reason he would not swim the 100 back is to conserve himself for the 200 IM the last day (not a walk in the park to place top 2 when you add Kaliz and Dwyer to the mix with Lochte now).

Lane Four

Michael’s 100 fly was smoooooth. Very very nice race. We finally are seeing the old Michael as he gets rid of more of the rust. A little more time and he is going to be awesome.


very smoooth and getting more momentum on the back half ! His ending could be slightly ajusted to get a few 10’s off . Excellent race !

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