Michael Andrew Takes 100 Yard Fly NAG Record to Incredible New Heights

  8 Braden Keith | December 13th, 2013 | Junior Nationals, National, News

Michael Andrew, after his prelims swim of 48.40, was already the fastest 13-14 boy in the 100 yard fly by half-a-second.

Now, no other swimmer of his age is even in the same stratosphere as him. Andrew swam a 47.47 in finals to not only place 2nd as the youngest competitor in the meet, but blow away his own National Age Group Record by a full second.

Andrew was out in 22.12, which left him too big of a hole to make up against Gornay, and came home in 25.35. As compared to his prelims swim, Andrew took off about half-a-second on the first 50 yards, and the rest of the difference (almost another half-a-second) came in the second 50 yards.

With that swim, he now pulls within four-tenths of the 15-16 record in the 100 yard fly, a record that he’ll have more than two-and-a-half years to challenge. That one currently sits at 47.10, belonging to Michael-Phelps-nemesis Milorad Cavic.

Of the 10 fastest times by a 13-14 boy in the 100 yard fly, 7 now belong to Andrew. The list:

1. Andrew – 47.47
2. Andrew – 48.40
3. Andrew – 48.78
T-4. Andrew – 48.98
T-4. Michael Domagala – 48.98
6. Long Gutierrez – 49.02
7. Andrew – 49.07
8. Andrew – 49.16
T-9. Andrew – 49.19
T-9. Gray Umbach – 49.19

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  1. Kevin T says:

    Andrew is always exceeding my expectations. I know I sound like a broken record every time I say that, but I don’t think there is any other way I can put it.

    I was thinking that maybe Andrew has a 47.99 in him in the 100 fly by the time he reaches the day before his 15th birthday. I figured maybe late March he might go 47.99 in the fly. But he did it today, and even bettered that with a 47.4

    I don’t think anyone can surprise me anymore after today. With Andrew and Whitley both doing some ridiculous things. I mean, what’s next? A 12 year old swimming the 100 yard free in 44 seconds? Ok, I am exaggerating a bit here, but seriously I don’t think anything is going to surprise me anymore after today with these youngsters swimming times that most 22 year old’s would love to be able to swim.

  2. Josh says:

    How long did he have between events? This is ridiculously impressive, but how much faster could he have been with proper rest between events?

  3. Hulk Swim says:

    Well… that’s a heck of a session. 3 swims. 3 NAG’s.

  4. bobo gigi says:

    Very impressive performance.
    We can say that butterfly is for the moment his best stroke.
    I know why he has swum so fast in this race.
    He has lost his 100 breast 13/14 NAG record a few minutes before his race so he was probably very angry.
    Even if I don’t think he was aware of that. 🙂

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